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Side Effects with Side Effects

Each day we open the paper or turn on the computer and there is another story about an FDA approved drug that causes serious injuries or death.

The most disturbing news, aside from the risks of taking various drugs, is that most Americans put their trust in physicians and the drugs they prescribe to heal them. They expect these medications to be safe and make them feel better. “Unfortunately, ‘feeling better’ on a temporary basis is not a fair trade against the devastating side effects of some of these drugs,” indicated Mark Bello, CEO of Litigation Funding Corporation, Southfield, Michigan.

Consider the case of long distance runner, Tamara Bidal, who was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection and was prescribed Cipro by her physician. “Like many people these days, Bidal took the time to read the label that came with the drug and noted the side effects, which included tendon ruptures, tendonitis, and even liver toxicity, all neatly tucked inside something called a “black box warning” that the FDA insisted be added to this drug’s label,” said Bello.

Feeling that her own body was in good shape, and considering that her doctor prescribed the drug, Bidal took the medication as prescribed.

Four pills later, which was day four of taking the meds, she began to experience excruciating pain in both legs, from knees to ankles. Her legs felt like ‘stuffed sausages.’ The pain made walking, sitting, standing or sleeping almost impossible. After two trips to the hospital ER, Bidal was almost at the end of her rope.
“Bidal was once a long distance runner, hoping to enter a 10k marathon, now she is barely able to walk. Taking Cipro has totally altered her life; the long-term consequences are still not clear. All this from ingesting just four pills,” stated Bello.

Bidal is considering filing a product liability lawsuit, alleging that Bayer AG should not have put this dangerous drug on the market. Lawsuits like this one take a long time to resolve; there is a significant gap in time between the filing of the lawsuit and its resolution or trial. The discovery and evidence gathering process is difficult and time consuming.

Bidal’s case will involve the fact that further studies of Cipro have shown it to be mis-prescribed and over-prescribed; this dangerous medication should only be used as a drug of last resort. Bayer AG was not marketing Cipro in that fashion; the huge pharmaceutical company indicated that Cipro had a wide range of uses and was even used off label.

Waiting for a fair and equitable settlement or a jury trial in hard fought litigation like this will likely take years. In the meantime, Bidal will still need to pay her bills; she may have a disability; and she may have a mountain of medical bills on top or her ordinary bills and expenses. “Contacting a reputable lawsuit financial company and qualifying for litigation funding will make Bidal’s wait a whole lot easier, as she may be eligible for a cash advance against her personal injury case. Lawsuit funding removes the pressure to settle early and inexpensively and allows the attorney the time he/she needs to get the litigant the fairest possible result.” opined Mark Bello, CEO, Litigation Funding Corporation, Southfield, Michigan.

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