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The Car was Under the Bus

January 26, 2010

This case is a bit of a mystery, which has not yet been solved. The 21-year old driver of a small Kia was traveling westbound on a lane parallel to a school bus full of noisy kids. The bus got to the intersection and made a left turn, promptly colliding with the Kia in the midst of the intersection. Inside that small car with its mother was an infant child.

The impact was forceful enough to drive the entire front of the Kia underneath the bus. The police report showed that the Kia seemingly had the green light at the time of the accident, but they’re at a loss as to how the mother could have missed something the size of a school bus. What was the Kia driver doing at the time of the accident? There is a good chance she may have been fussing with her infant and wasn’t paying attention to the intersection or other traffic. She may have also been on a cell phone or distracted because she was late for an appointment.

No one really knows much more until the post accident interviews have been concluded; something that will need to be done in the hospital, as it took firefighters 30 minutes to extract the driver from the wreck using the Jaws of Life. Her injuries, and the infant’s, were listed as potentially critical, but not life threatening.

On the other side of this story are questions about what the bus driver may have been doing at the time of the crash. Did he make an illegal left turn against a red light? Was he trying to control kids and not paying attention to the road? Or was he thinking the Kia has a red light and was going to stop? The answers to these questions, and others posed by accident investigators will determine the facts filed for a personal injury lawsuit on the part of either the bus driver or the Kia driver. The issue of course is who is at fault here.

No matter what is resolved in terms of who was negligent and caused this crash, the person who was not at fault will likely have a good personal injury case. Since the devil is in the details, cases like this will be handled carefully and thoughtfully by the courts, which means it will take some time to get the matter settled.

The party not deemed at fault here may best be served by researching lawsuit funding for an answer to their financial difficulties. Life goes on after an accident and there will be medical bills, expenses for whatever medications are handed out, perhaps counseling, and the every day bills that everyone has to handle.

If that person can’t work any longer, the loss of income is devastating. Litigation funding is generally made available within 48 hours or less and it only takes one phone call to arrange it. A lawsuit cash advance would be the perfect answer to dealing with the pile of bills left in the wake of the accident.

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Three Dead Following Big Rig Crash

January 17, 2010

In this case, three people, were killed after a big rig slammed into them on the highway near Salt Lake City. The three people were all from one family and the dead included a 9 month old baby. Apparently, according to eyewitness reports, the family in the car was in the southbound lane and suddenly veered over the centerline into the northbound lane.

Realizing he was in the wrong lane, the driver Jacob Herrera, over corrected the trajectory of the car and promptly veered into the path of an oncoming semi. Unable to stop on time, the rig slammed into the car, T-boning it from the driver’s side and ramming it back down the road until the truck was able to stop.

Emergency response crews at the scene recovered the bodies of Herrera, 21, Kristi Westfall, 30 and 9 month old Damian Herrara. Paramedics indicated it was likely all three were killed instantly as a result of the horrendous impact at highway speeds. The highway was shut down to allow crews to clear up the area and start an investigation into the fatal accident.

This is a tough case when all the members of one family have been killed at the same time. The grief would be almost unbearable for the parents and grandparents of the deceased. They would not know what caused the accident and why the car had swerved into the path of an oncoming semi. Was the driver under the influence of something? Was he not paying attention to road conditions? Was he trying to do more than just drive the car, like read a map? Was the couple having a fight at the time?

There are so many unanswered questions that will need to await the results of a final investigation into this horrendous accident. One thing is for sure, when the family decides to file a wrongful death suit against the estate of Jacob Herrara, it will be a difficult day and likely a case that will take some time to be resolved.

When situations like this face a family who is suddenly burdened with a variety of expenses they need to deal with, it might be a strategic move to check into litigation funding. Wrongful death suits are quite complex and many do take years to conclude. In this case, where the parents and grandparents lost their whole family, perhaps due to negligence on the part of the car driver, there will be questions dealing with loss of a contributing family member, loss of companionship and other issues. The sudden and drastic change in finances for those left behind is usually resolved thanks to a successful wrongful death suit settlement, but that takes a long time.

A lawsuit cash advance would help the family deal with their immediate and ongoing bills; allowing them to wait for a just and fair settlement that comes later, rather than settling early and having to take less money.

Daren Monroe writes for Litigation Funding Corp. To learn more about lawsuit funding and litigation funding, visit Litigationfundingcorp.com.

Speed has the Potential to kill when driving an 18-Wheeler

January 10, 2010

Head on collisions with a semi generally don’t come out in anyone’s favor. At least in this case, while there were serious injuries, there were no fatalities. In this instance a semi and Ford pickup tangled in Idaho.

The Ford pickup was seen to virtually slide through the median on the Interstate; crossing over into the oncoming traffic’s lane. This is when the semi-truck traveling in the opposite direction slammed into the truck. From the accident reports it appears the Ford pickup driver lost control of his truck, smacked into the median, flipped over it due to the force of hitting it, and landed in the left lane on the eastbound side of the highway. The tractor trailer smashed into the truck; pushing it accordion style back into the median.

Responding EMS crews took both of the Ford’s passengers to the hospital. The driver was in serious condition, the passenger fared well enough to be treated and released with minor injuries. The semi driver came out of the incident unscathed. The road was shut down for several hours to clean up the pieces of truck scattered across the highway and for the police to start an accident investigation.

According to the accident report filed by the State police, speed and slick driving conditions were definitely factors in this accident. What other factors were there? Only time will tell, but some of the other issues that could still come to light here are the driver of the Ford using a cell phone, texting, not paying attention to the road conditions and driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

The Ford pickup passenger and the semi driver, in what may be a bit of a twist in an accident involving a big rig (the rig driver not being at fault), may have good personal injury cases to discuss with their attorneys. Both the trucker and the passenger may be looking at fairly lengthy cases when they file and face months or years of waiting for a settlement.

If they have any idea of what the settlements could possibly be, all things being considered, they may want to do some research into lawsuit funding. A lawsuit cash advance has many benefits for the people waiting for their trial decision. For instance, litigation funding will offer them money immediately to be able to deal with their important bills, pay for medical expenses and medications, lost wages and household expenses.

Volvos with Sticky Pedals?

January 4, 2010

It seems that even other makes and models of cars may have sticky pedal problems, not unlike Toyota’s Prius. This personal injury accident case from Georgia recounts the story of 27 people being injured after being ploughed down by a Volvo.

It was an ordinary day at the car auction, or at least that was the way it started out. The auction mart was filled with people milling about and looking at various vehicles. A Volvo 960 was being taken inside to be auctioned off when all of a sudden it started to rapidly accelerate and hit 27 people. The police that responded to the call felt the accident was just that, an accident and that the driver had not intentionally set out to harm anyone.

On the surface this accident could have a variety of reasons for happening, from mechanical failure to driver error, which brings up a whole host of possibilities for those injured to file a personal injury lawsuit to recoup their medical expenses among other things. Some of the people hit by the car as it rampaged through the auction mart were air lifted to the nearest medical facility, some were treated by paramedics and one was listed in critical condition. Further investigation into this incident is expected to find out why the car suddenly seemed to go out of control.

Those harmed would certainly have the option of filing personal injury lawsuits. However, these cases are likely to be long and drawn out with litigation centering on several issues such as crashworthiness, driver negligence and a defective gas pedal (product liability). In the meantime, those injured will have to find a way to pay their medical bills, pay for any possible rehabilitative therapy and still try and handle paying their daily bills. This will be difficult if they are not able to work for a period of time.

They may wish to consider litigation funding that would arrive just about immediately and allow them to deal with their financial obligations right away. It’s the waiting for a just settlement that makes lawsuits so scary. This is why a lawsuit cash advance is a smart alternative to trying to tough things out. In addition, a lawsuit loan will let people wait for a just settlement, meaning they don’t have to settle early and perhaps get less than they would from the court.

Daren Monroe writes for Litigation Funding Corp. To learn more about lawsuit funding and litigation funding, visit Litigationfundingcorp.com.

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