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Volvos with Sticky Pedals?

It seems that even other makes and models of cars may have sticky pedal problems, not unlike Toyota’s Prius. This personal injury accident case from Georgia recounts the story of 27 people being injured after being ploughed down by a Volvo.

It was an ordinary day at the car auction, or at least that was the way it started out. The auction mart was filled with people milling about and looking at various vehicles. A Volvo 960 was being taken inside to be auctioned off when all of a sudden it started to rapidly accelerate and hit 27 people. The police that responded to the call felt the accident was just that, an accident and that the driver had not intentionally set out to harm anyone.

On the surface this accident could have a variety of reasons for happening, from mechanical failure to driver error, which brings up a whole host of possibilities for those injured to file a personal injury lawsuit to recoup their medical expenses among other things. Some of the people hit by the car as it rampaged through the auction mart were air lifted to the nearest medical facility, some were treated by paramedics and one was listed in critical condition. Further investigation into this incident is expected to find out why the car suddenly seemed to go out of control.

Those harmed would certainly have the option of filing personal injury lawsuits. However, these cases are likely to be long and drawn out with litigation centering on several issues such as crashworthiness, driver negligence and a defective gas pedal (product liability). In the meantime, those injured will have to find a way to pay their medical bills, pay for any possible rehabilitative therapy and still try and handle paying their daily bills. This will be difficult if they are not able to work for a period of time.

They may wish to consider litigation funding that would arrive just about immediately and allow them to deal with their financial obligations right away. It’s the waiting for a just settlement that makes lawsuits so scary. This is why a lawsuit cash advance is a smart alternative to trying to tough things out. In addition, a lawsuit loan will let people wait for a just settlement, meaning they don’t have to settle early and perhaps get less than they would from the court.

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