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Four Years to Settle a Slip, Trip and Fall that Caused Life Altering Injuries

Falling while on an ocean cruise was not what the fitness instructor had in mind. His personal injury lawsuit landed him $9.5 million.

It was 2006 and the day started out as a fairly normal one on a regular ocean cruise, just like the ones 42-year-old Danny Simpson took all the time as an employee of Miami-based Steiner Transocean. Simpson was the fitness instructor for the company; he enjoyed his work and meeting the people onboard. One day while in the spa facility, Simpson slipped on a wet patch on the floor and fell. It was a hard fall and did more damage than he originally thought.

“The patch of floor where Simpson slipped was wet because it had just been cleaned by a ship’s staff member due to a passenger who had vomited on the floor. Simpson landed on his back and as a result of the severe injuries he sustained, he became incontinent and impotent,” explained Daren Monroe, Litigation Funding Corporation, Southfield, Michigan.

He filed a personal injury lawsuit that, in part, pointed the finger of blame at the worker for not adequately drying the floor when the vomit was cleaned up and for not posting a clear warning that the floor was wet and, therefore, posed a risk.

“The damage award of $9.5 million covered past and present pain and suffering, medical expenses and economic losses,” added Monroe. Simpson’s employer wants to appeal to have the award reduced and insists the accident was not their fault, as they did not employ the responsible cleaner.

Despite what may happen in the future, this is a case where Simpson may have benefited from lawsuit funding. “Litigation funding would have allowed him to deal with his enormous bills while waiting for a verdict or settlement. Lawsuit financing may have helped him meet his financial obligations without having to settle too early for a lesser amount of money,” commented Monroe.

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