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The Car was Under the Bus

This case is a bit of a mystery, which has not yet been solved. The 21-year old driver of a small Kia was traveling westbound on a lane parallel to a school bus full of noisy kids. The bus got to the intersection and made a left turn, promptly colliding with the Kia in the midst of the intersection. Inside that small car with its mother was an infant child.

The impact was forceful enough to drive the entire front of the Kia underneath the bus. The police report showed that the Kia seemingly had the green light at the time of the accident, but they’re at a loss as to how the mother could have missed something the size of a school bus. What was the Kia driver doing at the time of the accident? There is a good chance she may have been fussing with her infant and wasn’t paying attention to the intersection or other traffic. She may have also been on a cell phone or distracted because she was late for an appointment.

No one really knows much more until the post accident interviews have been concluded; something that will need to be done in the hospital, as it took firefighters 30 minutes to extract the driver from the wreck using the Jaws of Life. Her injuries, and the infant’s, were listed as potentially critical, but not life threatening.

On the other side of this story are questions about what the bus driver may have been doing at the time of the crash. Did he make an illegal left turn against a red light? Was he trying to control kids and not paying attention to the road? Or was he thinking the Kia has a red light and was going to stop? The answers to these questions, and others posed by accident investigators will determine the facts filed for a personal injury lawsuit on the part of either the bus driver or the Kia driver. The issue of course is who is at fault here.

No matter what is resolved in terms of who was negligent and caused this crash, the person who was not at fault will likely have a good personal injury case. Since the devil is in the details, cases like this will be handled carefully and thoughtfully by the courts, which means it will take some time to get the matter settled.

The party not deemed at fault here may best be served by researching lawsuit funding for an answer to their financial difficulties. Life goes on after an accident and there will be medical bills, expenses for whatever medications are handed out, perhaps counseling, and the every day bills that everyone has to handle.

If that person can’t work any longer, the loss of income is devastating. Litigation funding is generally made available within 48 hours or less and it only takes one phone call to arrange it. A lawsuit cash advance would be the perfect answer to dealing with the pile of bills left in the wake of the accident.

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