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Two Semis Tangle, One Dies

This case revolves around two semis; one a box truck and an 18-wheeler that collided in Bakersfield, California. It was just something that should never had happened, and likely wouldn’t have in most cases, but for the fact that the semi got stuck going around a corner. That stroke of bad luck put the box truck bearing down on him in a tough position.

The box truck has no place else to go and could not stop in time. It slammed into the semi. Unfortunately, the driver of the box truck died at the scene of the accident. It was foggy at the time and police think that may have been a contributing factor in the accident, as well as excessive speed. The semi truck driver was largely unhurt, but did sustain cuts, bruising and abrasions. The results of other medical tests won’t be known until later, as it is possible the given the force of the impact, he may have sustained whiplash, fractured or cracked ribs, dislocated shoulder or other spinal injuries.

Whatever the outcome of the medical evaluation of the 18-wheeler driver, the likelihood is that he will be able to file a personal injury lawsuit. On the other hand, if the big rig driver had no business being where he was and trying to negotiate a turn that was not built for semis in the first place, the question of liability may be split or apportioned.

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