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Two Vehicle Crash with Semi Resulted in Serious Injuries but no Fatalities

In what may be a case of “touched by an angel,” two people were injured when they were struck by a semi. Apparently the driver of the car that was hit lost control of a Pontiac G6, which wound up in front of a semi ( a Towne Air Freight tractor-trailer) bearing down on the car. With no time to stop, the big rig crushed the smaller car and in the process, drove over the front and back of the vehicle as it spun underneath the 18-wheeler. Despite all this happening, there were no fatalities.

The car’s occupants were taken to hospital after they were pulled out of the wreck. The driver sustained several leg injuries and the passenger a few cuts and abrasions. The trucker wasn’t hurt. The questions here for the police are what was the driver of the car doing just prior to losing control of the vehicle? Was alcohol involved? Did the driver experience a seizure? Was the driver distracted by something on the other side of the street and took their eyes off the road?

With regard to the semi; was it speeding? Was it on the wrong side of the road? Was the driver using a laptop at the time and could have avoided the accident? These are all things that will have to be answered in order to determine who is at fault in this accident. While it may look like the car driver was at fault, there are other factors that may come into play in determining who was negligent in this case.

As luck obviously had it for the car’s occupants, there were no deaths as a result of this horrific accident, and thus they will not become statistics in the nation’s death count. However, there may be a determination of split liability depending on what the results of the accident investigation show. In any event, the passenger in the car will likely be able to file a personal injury lawsuit for pain and suffering and medical expenses. Just because the passenger presented with bumps and bruises does not mean that they won’t develop whiplash or traumatic brain injury later. Only time will tell.

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