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Employee Falls 10 Feet Through Uncovered Hole At Indiana Construction Site

Some cases just defy logic. This is one of them. The incident occurred at a Mackey Arena construction site in Indiana and involves a worker injured after falling from the fourth to the third floor on a construction site.

Evidently, the worker somehow stepped through a hole while pulling metal decking onto the penthouse level of the project he was working on. The encounter with this unguarded, dangerous, hole caused him to fall ten feet to the floor below him. Why the hole was uncovered is the burning question of the day. Whoever left it uncovered was negligent. Who was negligent will determine whether the case is a construction site negligence case or a workers compensation case or both.

The local fire department responded with an aerial truck to get the worker to the ground. He has sustained bad bruising, arm injuries and various bumps and abrasions. It’s not clear if he also had mild traumatic brain injury. An investigation is pending.

The injured worker will, most certainly be able to pursue a workers compensation case as the result of this accident. Depending upon the investigation and a determination of who caused the accident (who left the hole uncovered), he may also have a construction site negligence personal injury case against the person or company that left the hole uncovered.

Cases like this often require a long wait for appropriate compensation. These cases take time to prepare, the court systems are clogged, and the severity and long term consequences of injuries must be determined. Witnesses must be found and interviewed, investigations must be conducted; these types of cases are hard fought and lengthy. While our injured worker is waiting for justice in the courtroom, he needs to be able to support himself and his family without sacrificing his valuable case, for pennies on the dollar, to do so. So, what does he do for cash now, to pay ordinary bills and expenses as well as those extraordinary bills and expenses caused by the accident?

He may wish to consider the possibility of getting a lawsuit cash advance from an experienced and professional legal finance company. Lawsuit funding would certainly come in handy for this man; he could handle all of his financial burdens, then wait for his case to make its way through the lengthy court process. Legal funding can be a real financial lifesaver in circumstances where the plaintiff is strapped for cash because of an accident. In this particular case, the worker should know (and all Indiana workers should take note) that workers compensation lawsuit funding, not available in all states, is available in Indiana.It will also prevent him from caving in to the insurance company because of his need for immediate lawsuit cash. Compassionate and professional litigation funding exists to prevent a plaintiff from settling his/her valuable case too soon, for too little. There are no credit checks and employment is not necessary; all you need is a case that has a decent chance of being successful. Find out if pre-settlement funding is right for you and your case.

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