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Deadly Slip and Fall Ultimately Kills Theatre Performer

It was another day in paradise, until this man fell off a stage. His injuries killed him.

Disney World is a place of laughter and fun; a place for kids and happy families, and a place where actors get to live their dreams on stage. Such was the case with Mark Priest, a 47-year-old Disney World actor, playing a pirate.

As a pirate, Priest got to be on stage and take part in an interactive pirate show for the kids and also lead park guests through a variety of pirate skills tests. “He was in the middle of a mock sword fight when he slipped on a wet spot on the stage. He catapulted head first into a wall, resulting in a broken vertebra in his neck and a head laceration that needed 55 stitches,” recounted Daren Monroe, Litigation Funding Corporation, Southfield, Michigan.

He was quickly taken off stage so the kids in the audience would not see all the blood and get scared. EMS crews took him to the nearest hospital for initial emergency treatment. He was transferred to another hospital for further treatments and admitted to the intensive care unit. “He continued to be in good spirits while he was in hospital and two days later was moved out of the intensive care unit. The same day he was moved, he suddenly died from complications from his injuries. It appears he may have died as a result of traumatic brain injury,” said Monroe.

“Aside from the occupational health and safety repercussions in this case, there are questions about why the hospital did not consider the possibility of traumatic brain injury as a result of his head on ‘collision’ with a wall. Nonetheless, this particular case will take a fair length of time to get to court should the victim’s family file a wrongful death lawsuit,” added Monroe.

The family may well be interested in litigation funding to allow them to wait for a settlement. “A lawsuit cash advance would mean they could continue to pay their bills and in general deal with their financial burdens in light of Priest’s sudden and unexpected death. Most lawsuit funding may be arranged with just one phone call and be made available fast,” stated Daren Monroe, Litigation Funding Corporation, Southfield, Michigan.

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