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Jump Ends in Traumatic Brain Injury & Death

This California traumatic brain injury death was as sudden as it was unexpected. A University of California San Diego pole vaulter hit his head during a training practice and died two days later.

The victim was a 29-year old sophomore and a fine athlete. He was doing a training run and had just completed a jump when he missed the padding and landed on the concrete, hitting his head. He was doing a rope swing drill just prior to the accident. The minute he hit his head, the young man was unresponsive; he was rushed to the nearest hospital for emergency care for his TBI. Unfortunately, he was declared brain dead two days after this incident.

Questions that need to be answered here relate to whether or not the landing pad was properly placed; was the rope used in the practice exercise was faulty? Did it cause the young athlete to mid-judge his landing target? How much padding is enough and how far should it extend around the practice pit?

The family might find answers by pursuing wrongful death litigation. That is one of the many benefits of pursuing personal injury or wrongful death litigation. Another is closure and a third is to discover what went wrong so that the family of another athlete does not have to go through the agony that this unfortunate young man’s family is going through.

Lawsuit take a long time to resolve. Injury, disability, or death often cause financial problems for the victim and/or his family. Assuming their is proof of negligence in the case, victims and their families may be interested to know that lawsuit funding can assist in paying ordinary and extraordinary bills and expenses while the personal injury lawsuit/wrongful death lawsuit is pending. The family will have expenses to cover as a result of their son’s death, and may be stressed and worried about where the money will come from to handle the bills.

A lawsuit cash advance, if the victim or his family qualify, will provide not only the money they need to pay the bills now and in the future, but peace of mind in knowing they don’t have to accept an inadequate settlement because of the need for financial relief. Litigation funding can be arranged quickly and efficiently; the application process is easy and can be handled over the phone or on-line. Often, accident victims have cash in their hands within 48 hours.

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