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Moving Equipment at Florida Construction Site Proves Deadly to Worker

Construction work sites can be deadly thanks to all the dangerous moving equipment. This case involved a highway construction worker who was hit by a dump truck while working.

A Florida construction employee was standing behind a dump truck being driven by his workmate when the fatal accident happened. The 64-year old highway construction worker was part of a crew working to timely finish turnpike construction. They were working at 3 a.m. when a dump truck driver, backed up, right over the unfortunate worker.

Police and EMS were called to the scene, but the injured worker could not be revived. A full investigation has yet to be completed and the police will be searching for some answers to a few loose ends.

They will want to know if the “backing-up” alarm was working, if it was loud enough, muffled, or otherwise faulty, whether the driver safety checked his mirrors or looked behind the truck before backing up. Was he drinking or under the influence of another substance? These will be important issues and the answers will determine whether the family can pursue anything other than workers’ compensation benefits.

Certainly, there are workers’ compensation issues in this case, and the family will be entitled to benefits. In addition, depending upon whether the dump truck driver was negligent and whether or not he was a co-employee, the victim’s family will want to discuss all pending legal issues with an experience, skilled, personal injury lawyer. They will need to know what their rights are, whether they can file a wrongful death lawsuit and what they may expect as the case proceeds.

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