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Permanent Brain Injury for Football Player Ignored by Coach

A high school football player sustained a traumatic brain injury, changing his whole life forever. The football coach ignored signs of his concussion.

There comes a time when winning a game at any cost is not a good attitude to have, particularly if one of the players is showing signs of a concussion and complaining of headaches after being tackled on the field. “In this case, the young football player who was in trouble told his coach he wasn’t feeling well. The coach ignored him and ordered him to play anyway. As a result of that order, Demond Hunt, Jr. suffered a permanent, stroke-causing traumatic brain injury,” outlined Daren Monroe, Litigation Funding Corporation, Southfield, Michigan.

Hunt’s mother, Shanai McLorn, filed a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of her son. “The suits outlines that the coach recklessly endangered the football players by pushing them to play even when they were injured – that he had his team do contact drills without the required safety equipment, ragged on them for complaining of injuries, egged on players with head trauma to keep playing, and in general kept ridiculing the team as a whole,” added Monroe.

Thanks to the attitude of the coach, the players who did sustain injuries were afraid to report them to the coach and even if they did, the coach never passed the information on to the parents. In this case, Hunt had suffered a broken collarbone and the coach demanded he tackle another player, but not use any protective equipment. The end result of that fiasco was another player got a broken neck.

“On the day that Hunt was taken to hospital during a game, he had a stroke and companion seizures due to a blood vessel bursting in his brain,” said Monroe. It was discovered later that his helmet didn’t have a properly inflated lining designed to protect a player’s head.

This personal injury lawsuit will likely take awhile to get to court and when it does, one of the biggest issues facing the jury will be the compensation to be awarded to the young player’s family. Hunt’s life was turned upside down by sustaining life-altering injuries, thanks to the negligence of another person.

In cases like this, the McLorn family would be good candidates for litigation funding. Lawsuit financing helps families like this deal with their current and future bills while they wait for justice. “There will be the usual expenses everyone has in their daily lives and the extraordinary ones that will come with trying to care for their son. None of this will be easy for them which is why making inquiries into obtaining a lawsuit cash advance may be their best option,” commented Daren Monroe, Litigation Funding Corporation, Southfield, Michigan.

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