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Platform Collapses; Wisconsin Workers Fall 30 Feet

Construction accidents, unfortunately, are fairly common, more common than most safety advocates would like. For example, this accident happened in Wisconsin, and involved two workers who fell 30 feet after the platform they were on, held up by a forklift, collapsed.

The two workers were father and son. When rescue workers arrived on the scene, the son had to be extricated out from under a pallet of shingles. The father had succeeded in jumping from the falling platform and sustained injuries consistent with jumping from that height. EMS crews took the son to a trauma center for treatment and the father to a local hospital for assistance.

The initial investigation of this accident scene indicated that the weight of the platform and the uneven ground, may have caused the forklift to collapse. There are many other questions investigators will want answers to: Who was driving the forklift? Was the load over recommended weight? Why were they loading a forklift on uneven ground? Why were the men on platform supported only by a forklift?

Father and son may wish to speak to a personal injury and, certainly, a workers compensation attorney, to find out where they stand in regards to their rights to recover compensation for their injuries. The attorney will need to know all the details of the accident and will also want to see the final accident report. An experienced attorney will evaluate the situation, tell the workers if they have a case (and what kind, workers compensation, personal injury, or both) and whether a settlement could be negotiated.

While they are waiting for their attorney to achieve justice for them, the injured workers may want to check out whether litigation funding is available to them. A lawsuit cash advance, if they qualify, would help both of them pay their medical bills and other important expenses while they await settlement, administrative award or jury verdict. Lawsuit funding is fast cash that usually arrives within 24-48 hours. The application process is simple and can be done by phone or on the internet.

Legal finance can be used as a plaintiff desires, but common sense suggests that it be used for serious need: Perhaps you are behind on your mortgage, car payment or tuition. Perhaps you need money for necessary and immediate medical treatment. We do not look at job or credit status we are only interested in the quality of your case. And, if you lose your case, you do not have to repay the money. This is no-risk, pre-settlement funding.

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