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School Bus-Automobile Collision Injures 3

It was a clear and crisp day in Kentucky when a school bus and a car met head-on. The bus was carrying kids from two elementary schools and headed south on the highway when a northbound car lost control when it hit a patch of ice. It spun out, veered over the median and smacked head-on into the bus.

Three kids on the bus were badly injured and taken to the nearest children’s hospital by EMS crews for medical assistance. The others were transferred to another school bus and returned to their schools. Police on the scene were trying to figure out the exact cause of this accident. The roads were slippery, but drivers, when faced with poor road conditions, should be slowing down and driving with care.
There are unanswered questions here; they revolve around how fast the car was going, whether the driver was paying attention to the roads, and if not, why not? Was the driver too busy doing something else, inexperienced or on a cell phone? When the police get answers, it will determine what kind of citation may be handed out.

Depending on how serious the children’s injuries were, their families might want to talk to a personal injury lawyer about filing a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation for their medical bills etc. It never hurts to seek professional advice in cases like this.

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