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Traumatic Brain Injury from Pellet Devastates Young Woman’s Life

When you go to the hospital and it’s an emergency, you expect attention. This woman died because of the long wait.

This is such a bizarre case, it defies normal logic. A California woman suffered a traumatic brain injury after she spent hours in an emergency waiting room. This seriously makes one wonder what on earth is wrong with the health care system and why we pay taxes in the first place. In this instance when the case got to court, the plaintiff, the victim’s mother Ofelia Reynaga, was successful and awarded a $12 million verdict against the local hospital.

What happened here? The injured woman arrived in the hospital ER with an air-rifle pellet in her brain and wound up waiting several hours before she was flown to another hospital for surgery. Jessica Ramirez was shot in the head when she was at a family member’s home. She was walking and conscious when she arrived at the local hospital for treatment. What she got instead was a five hour wait, during which time she gradually lost consciousness.

She was flown to another hospital and rushed to surgery, but due to the pressure on her brain and the internal bleeding, she will now require 24-hour care for the rest of her life. An expert witness, a neurosurgeon, indicated that Ramirez would have had a much different outcome had she been operated on sooner. The original hospital plans to appeal the verdict.

This is a perfect example of things going wrong when you least expect it. Ramirez went to hospital expecting help and instead waited five hours with a pellet in her head. The traumatic brain injury has destroyed what was once a normal life.

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