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Neglected Mental Patient Dies

May 28, 2010

This medical malpractice lawsuit involves an accusation of inadequate treatment for a mental patient.

In this case, the mother of the deceased filed a notice of action against the Oregon State Hospital. The notice suggests that the hospital did not provide proper or adequate treatment according to his physical and mental health conditions.

“There was a full scale investigation into this case and the investigators found that the hospital did fail to provide the deceased with adequate medical care. It appears that the young man’s caregivers on his ward didn’t properly treat his chronic conditions, didn’t create a useful treatment plan, failed to update his medical chart and did not return the family’s calls in the weeks that led up to his death,” outlined Daren Monroe, Litigation Funding Corporation, Southfield, Michigan.

The horrendous thing in this case is that the day the young man died, no one discovered he had passed away for many hours, which points to the likelihood that he was ignored. “Mrs. Perez feels her son’s legal rights were violated due to the fact the hospital didn’t provide him with proper care. As a result of the hospital’s negligence, they have lost a loved family member,” added Monroe.

This has the makings of a difficult case; no doubt the family is quite upset. They will be concerned about how to pay their bills, how to deal with medical expenses, funeral and burial costs. Life may well be an uphill battle for them in many respects. As the litigation drags on, the Perez family might wish to find out if they can take advantage of litigation funding. Litigation funding is called many things, including “lawsuit cash advance” and even, incorrectly, “lawsuit loan.”

Others call litigation funding “pre-settlement funding” or “lawsuit financing.” It doesn’t matter what you call it, this vital litigation tool has the potential to get your family through some really tough financial times. A lawsuit cash advance would allow the Perez family to pay their pressing bills immediately while waiting for justice.

If you’re not sure you want to pursue lawsuit funding, consider these facts: there are no up-front fees and no monthly payments to make. You may use the money for any purpose and you don’t have to repay it until you win your case or settle it and your attorney receives the lawsuit proceeds.

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Was Substance Abuse an Issue in This Case?

May 27, 2010

This car-van accident was horrific and cost one person his life while injuring six others in a monumental conflagration.

This story starts out like most do, everyone was going out to have a good day and something awful happened along the way. This head-on collision, between a Toyota Camry and a van, caused a deadly fire.

Witnesses noted that the van was speeding along the road when it suddenly swerved over the center median, right into the path of the oncoming Toyota Camry. The impact was so catastrophic that the van flipped several times and burst into flames.

The collision caused a fuel spill and downed utility wires. Given the involvement of downed power lines and associated dangers, roughly 50 fire rescue workers were dispatched to the scene, in addition to EMS crews.

Those who survived the crash were taken to the hospital. Amazingly, the driver of the van survived the crash and fire. Unfortunately, the driver of the car did not make it and was pronounced dead at the scene. There were four children in the Camry; all were taken to hospital in serious or critical condition.

The van driver and a passenger were both taken to hospital for treatment of burns sustained in the crash. The police are looking into whether or not the van driver may have been under the influence of a controlled substance.

Clearly, the family of the Camry driver will want to speak to a personal injury attorney quickly to determine their rights in this situation and inquire about filing personal injury lawsuits for surviving children. A wrongful death lawsuit for the Camry driver is inevitable. The sudden death of a loved one is a harsh blow to any family; family members may need funding to carry on, pay bills, pay for a funeral and burial, and perhaps, for future bills and expenses. Where will the money come from?

This family, and others in similar situations, may be interested in litigation funding. Funding is provided in the form of a lawsuit cash advance against the future settlement or verdict expected, or predicted by your attorney. Victims may use their lawsuit cash advances to pay for medical treatments, funeral expenses, mortgage payments, car payments and other bills while they’re waiting for a settlement. Lawsuit financing is contingent on recovery; if you lose your case, you don’t pay the lawsuit cash advance back.

Daren Monroe writes for Litigation Funding Corp. To learn more about lawsuit funding and litigation funding, visit Litigationfundingcorp.com.

Severe Spinal Cord Injury: Experienced Attorney and Lawsuit Funding Are a Powerful Combination

May 20, 2010

If you have suffered a severe spinal cord injury as the result of a car accident, motorcycle accident or even a fall that was the result of negligence on someone else’s part, then you may want to talk to a personal injury lawyer about filing a lawsuit. You’ll need to recover compensation for your personal injury damages, particularly the physical wounds, as you will need care for the rest of your life. There are some instances where a person does have an inherited condition, but in this post we are just focusing on paraplegia that was the result of an injured acquired in an accident.

What happens with paraplegia is that the channels through which your body sends signals to other body parts get disrupted. This interference in the signals being sent and received will cause not only a loss of sensation in the lower extremities, but sensory damage in the brain itself. When the brain is injured as well, it loses control over other neurological functions.

Contrary to popular myth, the spinal cord does not need to be severed to lose function and feeling. Generally speaking, the higher up the spinal cord the damage occurs, the more paralysis is involved; the result may be either paraplegia or quadriplegia.

While there is no cure for paraplegia, at least not yet, there are various therapies that make an enormous difference to the sufferer. Those therapies are both medical and psychological; some victims may regain minor functioning in their lower limbs if the swelling in their spinal cord goes down over time. Unfortunately, many paraplegics do not recover complete body functions.

The most dangerous complication of paraplegia is respiratory system damage; thus, most often, pneumonia is the leading cause of death for those with paraplegia. Further, loss of feeling can lead to serious injury to the paralyzed body part.

As you can see, there are many things that someone who has been diagnosed with paraplegia will face for the rest of their lives. This is why they need to speak to a competent personal injury lawyer, in order to get compensation that will cover their care.

The paraplegic who was injured in an accident caused by someone’s negligence may also want to check out the possibility of getting a lawsuit cash advance. This is a legal finance service that will provide funding to pay important bills and expenses as well as medical, home health care and physical therapy while waiting the case to be resolved. Lawsuit funding is based on the potential of your case. After your application and the receipt of information from your attorney, if approved, you will receive funding in as little as 24 hours. It might be the answer to your financial distress while you wait for your lawyer and the legal system to provide justice.

Safe Motorcycling: Watch for Negligent Auto and Truck Drivers

It should come as no surprise to you that if you ride a motorcycle, you are exposed to a wide variety of dangers on the road. The chances of being in an accident are higher, because drivers often don’t see bikers; the chances of serious injuries are very high because there is little protection to minimize your injuries.

While motorcycle safety teaches you how to ride and keep safety in mind at all times, it does not teach car and truck drivers how to pay attention to the road when a biker is sharing it with them. If drivers were more aware of what was around them, motorcycle crashes would, likely, decline in number. In today’s hustle-bustle society, with people always in a hurry, and all the distractions offered to drivers, motorcycle crashes are at an all time high.

Many states mandate biker helmets and biker safety courses. States should, at a minimum, require the same of drivers, but they don’t. Thus, most safety precautions fall on the biker; no matter how hard they may try, chances are, somewhere, someplace, a driver will not see a biker and an accident will happen. After a stay in the hospital and visits to the doctor or rehabilitation clinic, a trip to a personal injury attorney’s office may be in order. A lawsuit may be necessary to obtain compensation for serious injuries, pain and suffering, disability, wage loss, medical and rehab expenses, and property damage.

After your lawsuit has been filed, you may wish to inquire about litigation funding. The application process is simple. A lawsuit cash advance is designed for those who are disabled or who have missed significant time from work, have little money saved up, and no way to pay ordinary bills and expenses (mortgage, rent or car payments) in addition to medical expenses and other expenses resulting from their accident.

Lawsuit funding will let an injured biker await an equitable verdict or a fair settlement. This is far better than being forced to accept a “chump change” offer because your immediate financial situation is grim and bills must be taken care of right away. Legal finance might be just the answer for you to allow you to get out from under the horrendous debt load you incurred because of your accident.

Cop Hits Biker; Biker Gets $300,000

May 19, 2010

This motorcycle-automobile accident case was eventually settled for $300,000. It was a bit unusual, as it was filed against a city because the person involved in the accident was a police officer. The officer was not the biker; the officer was driving the car that was hit by biker.

Here is how it happened: The biker was on his way westbound when a city police cruiser crossed right in front of him (across two lanes) without signaling and without the use of his siren. Witnesses said the biker went out of his way to try and avoid a collision but couldn’t make it happen. He hit the cruiser going 30 mph. the EMS crews at the scene were sure he was brain dead because his injuries were so severe.

The biker sustained severe traumatic brain injuries and head trauma, back and spine injuries and a broken leg. He was eventually diagnosed with cognitive disorder as a result of his traumatic brain injuries. Due to that diagnosis, a personal injury lawsuit was filed against the city. The decision was in favor of the plaintiff who will need care for the rest of his life.

While he may not have known this, the biker and his family, would likely have been eligible to apply for litigation funding. It would have allowed them to be able to wait for a fair and equitable settlement or court verdict. They would be able to pay medical expenses, deal with on-going therapy, pay for medications and other operations, as well as special equipment and life counseling. In addition, lawsuit funding would help pay for ordinary bills and expenses while they wait for justice.

A lawsuit cash advance is money given out in advance of a settlement and is based on the amount the personal injury lawyer feels the courts will award. People who apply for it don’t need to have a job, and don’t need a credit check either. Lawsuit funding usually arrives in about 48 hours or less after you have been approved.

Family Suffers Serious Injuries in Car Versus Train Wreck

May 18, 2010

A family of five was seriously hurt in this car-train wreck. They hit a CN train.

“Although you’d think it would be hard not to see a train, or to even get on the tracks at the same time the train is barreling toward you, it does happen. And it did in this case when 16-year-old Austin Broehm hit the westbound engine,” recounted Daren Monroe, Litigation Funding Corporation, Southfield, Michigan.

No one is sure why Broehm was on the tracks at the same time as the train, but the crash caused the CN engine to spill a load of fuel. HazMat crews were called out in addition to EMS first responders. Oddly, this accident came one day after CN announced safety week; a campaign that promised to put an end to accidents, injuries and fatalities on their crossings, tracks and property.
There were five people in the car, four were related; most of them suffered some pretty serious injuries. The driver was in serious condition with a leg injury. His brother, Blake Boehm, also had leg injuries and was in serious condition. Brother Jarrod had various internal injuries and was also listed in serious condition. Brother Jake may be the victim of traumatic brain injury and was listed as critical. The last victim was treated and released. Engine crew members were not injured.

“The sticking point in this accident is why the young driver hit the train in the first place. Some questions that will need to be answered are: Was the crossing posted? Were there warning lights? A barrier? Did the car have a mechanical problem such as defective brakes? Was the driver under the influence of something or driving while distracted?” suggested Monroe.

When those questions are answered, the family will know what they need to do with regard to the personal injuries their sons sustained. If the crossing was not posted, it may well be the responsibility of the railway. If the brakes were defective, it may be the fault of the manufacturer of the car.

If the driver was at fault, the injured passengers will face a difficult choice of whether to sue their brother or not. In the case of the non-related victim, she would likely be able to sue the driver or the railway depending on facts yet to be determined.

At some point, if a decision to litigate is made, the victims may wish to inquire into applying for litigation funding; it is easy to find out if they qualify. If they do qualify, a lawsuit cash advance would help them pay medical bills and deal with other important expenses while waiting for a settlement, jury verdict or administrative award. Lawsuit funding is fast cash and may reach litigants within 24-48 hours.

“It’s easy to apply for lawsuit funding online or by calling to complete an application. This legal funding may be used for any financial need, but most people use it for serious needs – like past due mortgage payments, tuition or car payments. People also may need cash quickly to pay medical bills. If you lose the case, you don’t have to repay the pre-settlement funding,” added Monroe.

To learn more about lawsuit funding and litigation funding, visit https://www.litigationfundingcorp.com/.

Dog Bites: Serious Injuries Require Serious Litigation

May 9, 2010

Been bitten by a dog? Did you know that you have the legal right to ask for compensation for your injuries? Those costs may include treating the bite, medications, and shots, lost wages and pain and suffering. In most states the law is very clear about who is held liable when you get bitten. There are some variations from place to place, but your personal injury lawyer can help you sort that out when you speak to him or her.

In most states you can ask for compensation from any person whose negligence caused you to be attacked, any person who keeps a dog knowing full well it has a history of biting or any person who doesn’t have their dog on a leash, restraint or properly confined. In many cases a lawsuit like this varies because it depends on where you were attacked and how seriously you were injured. Serious dog bites require filing a personal injury claim for compensation. This is usually done with the help of a lawyer who will be able to get you justice. You should know that the lawyer will be dealing with the other person’s insurance company, so he may get the run around. That won’t last for long, because the attorney knows how to deal with things like that. They may try to low ball you, but your attorney won’t let that happen.

If you have been very seriously injured, or your child has been badly bitten and needs some serious medical care, you may want to find out more about litigation funding. Getting a lawsuit cash advance would let you take care of yourself or your child, pay your bills – all of your bills – and then be able to wait for justice.
While the insurance companies are playing around, trying to get you to accept less, a lawsuit funding will enable you to hold out for a just settlement or court verdict. There is no sense in losing dollars to get given pennies.

Outriggers May Not Have Been Safe in This Construction Accident

May 8, 2010

Almost everyone knows that construction sites are dangerous. Accidents can and do happen frequently.

In this case, three construction workers were hospitalized after a truck that was pumping concrete collapsed. No one goes to work expecting to be injured, but many carry nagging thoughts in the back of their minds. Construction work is dangerous; much of the equipment used during the course of a day has the potential to cause serious injuries or death.

What happened may never be entirely clear, but police and the OSHA were called to the scene of this mishap where three on-site workers were hurt. It appears that the truck pumping concrete collapsed as the liquid mixture was passing through a hose attached to the truck. It seems that the added weight of the material caused an unstable outrigger to pierce tubing underground. The truck collapsed while its boom was extended to about 188 feet. This caused the three workers to get trapped under the truck’s rebars which are used to stabilize the concrete.

The three workers were taken to area hospitals with various injuries ranging from fractures and lacerations to contusions. According to the on-site Fire Chief it’s vitally important to have outriggers on completely solid ground and to make sure the ground is solid before doing anything. Things like that must be checked and double-checked.
Evidently, someone didn’t check properly to see if the outriggers were indeed on safe and stable ground. The end results speak for themselves – three badly injured men who will be off work and have medical bills to pay, etc. Will they want to consider filing personal injury lawsuits? They may well do that, and the worker with the most serious injuries may want to find out about lawsuit funding in order to pay his bills.

Litigation funding, also referred to as lawsuit funding, is a valuable service that would provide the workers with a lawsuit cash advance based on what his expected settlement may be. This early cash infusion would permit the victim to wait for justice without having to settle for less than full value. The application is easy and it’s free. If you’re approved, your lawsuit cash advance will arrive within 48 hours or less. If a worker happens to lose his case, which sometimes happens, he would not have to repay the pre-settlement money.

Daren Monroe writes for Litigation Funding Corp. To learn more about lawsuit funding and litigation funding, visit Litigationfundingcorp.com.

Playing Sports with a Concussion Is Dangerous

May 7, 2010

Playing football with a concussion is not smart. It may mean even more serious damage is done to the individual.

This case is unfortunately a “he said versus the doctor said” kind of case and it may be difficult to resolve. The facts are that a young football player evidently sustained a series of concussions while playing high school football two years ago. The lawsuit, just recently filed, indicates the team doctor may not have properly treated the young boy for his concussion(s) and as a result, the player developed permanent injuries.

The papers filed with the lawsuit indicate that the player sustained numerous blows to the head during a number of games. They go on to say that the boy complained to the team doctor, who only treated him for a headache and sent him back out to play. The suit contends that the modern standard of accepted care for concussions is to forbid the athlete to play any games until any symptoms, such as dizziness and headaches, have subsided.

This case will require the use of medical experts and may take quite a long time to wind its way through the courts. The nature of the boy’s permanent injuries are not clear, but if he is permanently mentally incapacitated, the damage award may be substantial should a finding be made for the plaintiff.

With the possibility of a lengthy legal battle ahead of them, the boy’s family might want to consider accessing lawsuit funding. A lawsuit cash advance would let them handle any immediate expenses they may have, and still have some to deal with their day-to-day expenses in the future while they wait for a verdict.

Litigation funding is non-recourse and the family would not need to pay any of the money back if there were a finding for the defendant. They could possibly have their lawsuit funding within 48 hours or less and it makes no difference what their credit rating happens to be.

With a long wait ahead of them, litigation funding may be the answer to their possible financial difficulties.

Daren Monroe writes for Litigation Funding Corp. To learn more about lawsuit funding and litigation funding, visit Litigationfundingcorp.com.

Baseball Bats Matter in Terms of Severity of Injuries

May 2, 2010

It appears there is a difference between wood and metal bats. This relates to the severity of injuries caused by them.

Bats seem to have been getting more news coverage lately, as a result of the injuries they cause when the batter slams a ball into a line drive and it hits someone in the head. Often the results are traumatic brain injury or severe concussion.

In this case that happened in California, a high school baseball player was hit in the head by a baseball, propelled by the batter who’d used a metal bat. The 16-year-old boy was in a practice game when he was hit and was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment. School officials and the boy’s parents are questioning the safety of these bats, as metal ones evidently distribute weight more evenly than wooden ones, and they also have a quick swing and forceful impact; something wooden ones do not have.

The young boy was put into a medically induced coma to allow him to rest and his brain to begin the healing process. About a week later, he was brought out of the coma and given a brain scan. The doctors were not happy with the results and a very real question remains as to how well, if ever, this boy will recover. The parents are hoping for the best, but in reality know that their son may be mentally disabled for the rest of his life.

The whole incident raised the question about the use of metal bats, as they dramatically increase the speed at which the ball travels, thus increasing the force of impact if they connect with someone’s body. The school called for the use of wooden bats for the remainder of the season and will be asking for a ban on metal bats.

The parents have a very real uphill battle going on, and the bills for their son’s treatment will continue to come in. They aren’t sure where the money to pay for his hospital stay and continuing treatment will come from and have decided to speak to a personal injury attorney about filing a lawsuit. While they are at it, they might also want to enquire into the possibility of lawsuit funding.

This family may be eligible for a lawsuit cash advance; money that would allow them to not only pay their bills now, but have enough to handle the ones coming in the future dealing with their son’s care. A lawsuit cash advance is usually available within 48 hours and it doesn’t matter what your credit rating is when you apply.

Monies given under the auspices of lawsuit funding may be used for anything you need the cash for including medical bills, therapy, medications, rehabilitation, mortgage payments and other important life expenses.

Daren Monroe writes for Litigation Funding Corp. To learn more about lawsuit funding and litigation funding, visit Litigationfundingcorp.com.

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