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Dog Bites: Serious Injuries Require Serious Litigation

Been bitten by a dog? Did you know that you have the legal right to ask for compensation for your injuries? Those costs may include treating the bite, medications, and shots, lost wages and pain and suffering. In most states the law is very clear about who is held liable when you get bitten. There are some variations from place to place, but your personal injury lawyer can help you sort that out when you speak to him or her.

In most states you can ask for compensation from any person whose negligence caused you to be attacked, any person who keeps a dog knowing full well it has a history of biting or any person who doesn’t have their dog on a leash, restraint or properly confined. In many cases a lawsuit like this varies because it depends on where you were attacked and how seriously you were injured. Serious dog bites require filing a personal injury claim for compensation. This is usually done with the help of a lawyer who will be able to get you justice. You should know that the lawyer will be dealing with the other person’s insurance company, so he may get the run around. That won’t last for long, because the attorney knows how to deal with things like that. They may try to low ball you, but your attorney won’t let that happen.

If you have been very seriously injured, or your child has been badly bitten and needs some serious medical care, you may want to find out more about litigation funding. Getting a lawsuit cash advance would let you take care of yourself or your child, pay your bills – all of your bills – and then be able to wait for justice.
While the insurance companies are playing around, trying to get you to accept less, a lawsuit funding will enable you to hold out for a just settlement or court verdict. There is no sense in losing dollars to get given pennies.

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