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Outriggers May Not Have Been Safe in This Construction Accident

Almost everyone knows that construction sites are dangerous. Accidents can and do happen frequently.

In this case, three construction workers were hospitalized after a truck that was pumping concrete collapsed. No one goes to work expecting to be injured, but many carry nagging thoughts in the back of their minds. Construction work is dangerous; much of the equipment used during the course of a day has the potential to cause serious injuries or death.

What happened may never be entirely clear, but police and the OSHA were called to the scene of this mishap where three on-site workers were hurt. It appears that the truck pumping concrete collapsed as the liquid mixture was passing through a hose attached to the truck. It seems that the added weight of the material caused an unstable outrigger to pierce tubing underground. The truck collapsed while its boom was extended to about 188 feet. This caused the three workers to get trapped under the truck’s rebars which are used to stabilize the concrete.

The three workers were taken to area hospitals with various injuries ranging from fractures and lacerations to contusions. According to the on-site Fire Chief it’s vitally important to have outriggers on completely solid ground and to make sure the ground is solid before doing anything. Things like that must be checked and double-checked.
Evidently, someone didn’t check properly to see if the outriggers were indeed on safe and stable ground. The end results speak for themselves – three badly injured men who will be off work and have medical bills to pay, etc. Will they want to consider filing personal injury lawsuits? They may well do that, and the worker with the most serious injuries may want to find out about lawsuit funding in order to pay his bills.

Litigation funding, also referred to as lawsuit funding, is a valuable service that would provide the workers with a lawsuit cash advance based on what his expected settlement may be. This early cash infusion would permit the victim to wait for justice without having to settle for less than full value. The application is easy and it’s free. If you’re approved, your lawsuit cash advance will arrive within 48 hours or less. If a worker happens to lose his case, which sometimes happens, he would not have to repay the pre-settlement money.

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