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Playing Sports with a Concussion Is Dangerous

Playing football with a concussion is not smart. It may mean even more serious damage is done to the individual.

This case is unfortunately a “he said versus the doctor said” kind of case and it may be difficult to resolve. The facts are that a young football player evidently sustained a series of concussions while playing high school football two years ago. The lawsuit, just recently filed, indicates the team doctor may not have properly treated the young boy for his concussion(s) and as a result, the player developed permanent injuries.

The papers filed with the lawsuit indicate that the player sustained numerous blows to the head during a number of games. They go on to say that the boy complained to the team doctor, who only treated him for a headache and sent him back out to play. The suit contends that the modern standard of accepted care for concussions is to forbid the athlete to play any games until any symptoms, such as dizziness and headaches, have subsided.

This case will require the use of medical experts and may take quite a long time to wind its way through the courts. The nature of the boy’s permanent injuries are not clear, but if he is permanently mentally incapacitated, the damage award may be substantial should a finding be made for the plaintiff.

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