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Bipolar Man Killed By Police Taser

June 30, 2010

A Utah man who was in the throes of a bipolar manic phase was tased twice by police and died as a result. The man’s family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit alleging that he was deprived of his constitutional rights, that the police acted in violation of the Utah Constitution and intentionally inflicted emotional distress.

The suit, filed in federal court, requests a jury trial and further states the police officers used excessive force against the victim and violated his wife’s Fourth Amendment rights by detaining and interrogating her without probable cause.

This sorry episode started with the wife phoning 911 and reporting that her husband was having a bipolar episode; he had stripped naked and run onto the highway. In the call for help the wife stated she was afraid he was going to be hit. The husband could be heard screaming in the background. Police were dispatched and advised the husband was having a manic episode and had just taken his medicine, which had not kicked in yet.

According to the lawsuit, the police didn’t try to calm the man down; they simply jumped out of their car, taser ready, and shot the man twice, dead center on his bare chest. According to the lawsuit, he was left, face down in the roadside ditch, and no one checked his vital signs. Evidently, he had blue lips and showed signs of cardiac arrest.

His wife, pregnant at the time, wasn’t allowed to go to the hospital. She was taken to jail, taken into custody and interrogated. Any requests about her husband’s condition remained unanswered; she was not allowed to get a clean diaper for her baby. Later, she was informed that her husband had died. When she was released from custody, she contacted a personal injury lawyer.

Recently widowed, with three children at home, this woman will face an enormous financial burden while waiting for justice from the legal system. She did the correct thing and retained an experienced personal injury attorney. She may also be interested in applying for lawsuit funding; a strategically placed lawsuit cash advance will assist her in taking care of her family while she awaits justice for her husband’s death. If she qualifies, legal finance will arrive in as little as 24-48 hours. It is easy and free to apply online or by phone.

Litigation funding will allow the family to pay for their immediate expenses and the pressing, past due, urgent bills that this young family is struggling to pay. The young widow must deal with the birth of the new baby while caring for her other small children. She will need to pay for funeral and burial expenses for her husband. This will be a long case to try and she would likely need the financial support that a lawsuit cash advance would provide her.

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Construction Fall Kills Worker

An inside fall kills a construction worker on the job. The man died at the hospital.

Everyone realizes that construction work sites are often accidents looking for a place to happen. While those that work there usually strive to make their site a safe one, things happen. In this case, a worker fell to his death while working inside a building that was to become a new IBM Technology Service center.

“Evidently the worker, Larry Embley, Jr., fell while he was inside the building and the injuries he sustained were so severe that he later died at the hospital. It’s not entirely clear what caused the fall, but there is speculation that he may have fallen through an open hole in the floor – something that is fairly common on building construction sites,” outlined Daren Monroe, who writes for Litigation Funding Corporation, Southfield, Michigan. Usually the holes in the floor are covered with a piece of metal to prevent falls.

“Although the police declined to further investigate, OSHA is interested in finding out what happened. The lead contractor on the job insisted they were in complete compliance with OSHA regulations and safety standards. That remains to be seen,” commented Monroe.

The Embley family is likely wondering what they are going to do now that they have lost their loved one. When sudden death strikes, it not only affects everyone emotionally, but financially. “Abruptly, there is no income and the family is left wondering how they will pay the medical, funeral and burial expenses, not to mention the other bills that don’t stop when a family member dies,” Monroe added. The Embley’s may want to ask some questions about lawsuit funding, also known as litigation funding.

A lawsuit cash advance would let them pay their bills right away and keep on paying the usual financial obligations like car loans, tuition and mortgage. They wouldn’t have to wait too long for their lawsuit cash advance to arrive either; usually less than 48 hours.

It costs zero to apply for pre-settlement lawsuit funding and the benefits for the family are enormous. It will let them wait until they get a fair and equitable settlement or court verdict. As a strategic tool, litigation funding is worth its weight in gold.

To learn more about lawsuit funding and litigation funding, visit https://www.litigationfundingcorp.com/.

Cruise Ship Takes Sharp Turn, Dumps Passengers

June 28, 2010

What do you think about when you hear the word “cruise”? A dream vacation, perhaps? Well, this cruise turned out to be a nightmare for several passengers on board a Carnival Cruise Ship.

Sixty passengers were injured after Carnival’s ‘Ecstasy’ ship took an abrupt turn to miss hitting a partially submerged buoy near the Yucatan Peninsula. The ship’s pilot had turned the ship homeward when it suddenly tipped precipitously to the port side. Apparently, the pilot completed this maneuver to avoid striking a large buoy that had not showed up on radar.

Many passengers were asleep when the abrupt tilt to port took place and many of them wound up in heap on the floor after being thrown out of their beds. At least 60 people sustained a variety of injuries ranging from minor to serious. Apparently no one needed to be hospitalized at that time.

Many injuries that seem to be minor when they occur, have the potential to worsen and become serious or more serious, later. Passengers who hit their heads or sustained bruising, bumps or concussions should seek medical attention to ensure that their injuries are not serious, especially the head injuries. Passengers who slipped and fell may have serious head, neck or back injuries that could worsen over time. Traumatic brain injuries, bulged or herniated disks could result from these types of occurrences. Those whose injuries develop into something more serious should consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer about their legal rights against Carnival.

If a lawsuit is appropriate and pursued, these unfortunate victims may begin to experience financial problems, if they are disabled and waiting for their cases to settle or go to trial. They may wish to apply for a lawsuit cash advance to help them through the long legal process. Lawsuit funding is fast lawsuit cash that the plaintiff may use to pay important bills and expenses while waiting for just compensation in the case. The pilot’s negligence may make passengers eligible for compensation for their injuries, pain and suffering, medical expenses and even therapy. Neck, back and head injuries can be serious and may also cause severe emotional distress as well. Litigation funding, may be available to them in as little as 24 hours.

The main function of Legal finance services is to provide a victim precious time to wait for justice without being forced into taking a lower settlement because money is tight and they need it right away. Apply for a lawsuit cash advance online or by phone. The process is simple and it’s free. Pre-settlement funding may make a substantial difference in the bottom line of your case

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TBI Acquired While in Prison

June 22, 2010

A convict was badly beaten in jail, sustaining traumatic brain injury. A lawsuit was filed against the prison and guards.

“The gist of this case is that prison guards allowed a vicious beating to happen, without interfering or offering assistance, resulting in an inmate sustaining traumatic brain injury. The injury left the former inmate with a traumatic subarachnoid brain hemorrhage. The man is now easily confused, violently startles at loud noises and is unable to stay focused. The suit asks for punitive damages and compensation to be determined by the court,” explained Daren Monroe, who writes for Litigation Funding Corporation, Southfield, Michigan.

Evidently what transpired is that the plaintiff, Hanni Elabed, was in the clink for robbery when he was beaten in front of three guards and another staff member that watched the commotion. This wasn’t the only time Elabed had problems while incarcerated. In 2008, this Muslim Palestinian had his jaw broken by white supremacists. He was moved from one cellblock to another, but the harassment didn’t stop.

Elabed alleges he asked the guards for help because he was being threatened and even told them about inmates and staff drug trafficking. That episode earned him a stint in segregation after which he was returned to the same block. “He wasn’t there that long before he was attacked by a gang member – a beating that was captured on video surveillance as staff watched. It seems the other inmates were ordered to their cells while the beating continued, until Elabed lay on the floor in a pool of blood having convulsions prior to passing out,” said Monroe

Clearly, this case will take a long time to be settled or have a verdict rendered, and in the meantime, this former convict has a tough row to hoe. He may be without funds, have no job and given the nature of his injuries, may never be able to work again. In a situation like this, he would be well served by applying for a lawsuit loan.

Litigation funding, often called lawsuit pre-settlement funding; is money that arrives within roughly 48 hours once the applicant has been approved. There is no credit check and the person that applies does not need to have a job. They need to have a solid case and a good chance at winning that case to be eligible for lawsuit financing.

“Once the lawsuit cash advance arrives, the victim usually uses the funds to take care of pressing bills right away and then deals with other monthly financial commitments, such as the mortgage, etc. The litigation financing allows them to wait for real justice,” added Monroe.

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Eight Year Old Dead; Run Over by Lawn Mower

June 21, 2010

This case is a two pronged tragedy. An eight year old boy was run over by a lawn mower; as he was being taken to hospital, his mom, on her way to the hospital in another car, was injured in an automobile accident.

The details of this case are not completely known; apparently the lawn mower belonged to the boy’s father. The father was helping a neighbor with his yard work when the accident happened. Precisely how the mower was engaged and how it ran over the little boy is not yet clear. EMS crews apparently took 17 minutes to reach the scene due to heavy traffic.

The mother’s automobile accident resulted in severe injuries to her; she was rushed to a hospital and admitted to the surgical intensive care unit for treatment.

There are two potential personal injury/wrongful death lawsuits here:

1. A lawn mower fatality, which may have been caused by the negligence of the father or neighbor, or may be the result of a defective lawn mower.

2. An automobile accident, which could be pursued if another driver was the at fault/negligent driver.

This family has been significantly traumatized; the physical, mental and emotional burdens are unimaginable. They may choose to file a lawsuit in either circumstance; if they do, they may wish to know more about an important service commonly referred to as lawsuit funding. This service will provide them with a quick lawsuit cash advance; funds that may be used to tide them over until they receive a settlement or court verdict.

Litigation funding is designed for any plaintiff to use to pay pressing bills now and have a source of legal finance to pay future expenses while they wait for their case to resolve. Legal funding may be a good option for this family; it has been hit with a “double whammy”, severe emotional and wrongful death loss, and, probably, financial loss, due to the serious automobile accident injuries of the mother.

The case funding option would enable the family to patiently await justice in the case without the need to take mere pennies on the dollar because the need for immediate assistance was powerful. This valuable lawsuit financial service is a god send to financially distressed litigants who need lawsuit cash now.

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Reprise the Driving Exam for Better Luck – Maybe

June 20, 2010

It had to happen one day; the driving examiner gets into an accident caused by a student.

This is one driving examiner that isn’t too happy with the results of the latest exam he held for one of his students. No doubt the student taking the test wished he’d never even contemplated the joys of driving after this faux pas.

In what could be viewed as a comedy of errors, that in other circumstances just “may” be amusing, a student lost control of the car he was driving for his driving test. Unfortunately, it slammed into the side of the DMV building injuring the examiner, who appears to have hit his head on the windshield during the impact. Despite the relatively low speed of the crash, the airbags deployed and the front bumper separated from the car. Evidently, for some unknown reason, the student driver, Lucas Holliday, stepped on the gas instead of the brakes while exiting a driveway.

The DMV examiner was taken to hospital for observation and the student driver figures he will take his driving exam again. It’s likely he won’t be taking it with the same examiner. There was no word on whether or not the student driver was going to be charged for careless driving without a license.

Tricky case. If the driving examiner did hit his head on the windshield in this low speed crash, he may wind up with concussion and memory problems. With injuries like this, even what appears to be a minor injury may have some serious consequences for the long-term, including an eventual diagnosis of traumatic brain injury.

If the examiner does have traumatic brain injury, he may require some form of care for the balance of his life, depending on the severity of the injury. Chances are he will want to talk to a personal injury lawyer about this accident and what may be done to recover his medical and other expenses.

If the examiner is unable to work, this will be an added burden for him to carry – not knowing where the money will come from to pay his bills. This is the point where he may want to consider checking into litigation funding as an option to deal with his expenses while he waits for a settlement or verdict. All he needs to do to apply for a lawsuit loan is call the litigation funding company or apply for a loan online. It doesn’t cost anything to apply.

If the examiner is eligible for pre-settlement funding, he could expect to receive it within 48 hours by check or by wire. There is no credit check required and you don’t have to have a job to be eligible for a lawsuit cash advance.

Daren Monroe writes for Litigation Funding Corp. To learn more about lawsuit funding and litigation funding, visit Litigationfundingcorp.com.

Heparin Overdose Kills Toddler

June 18, 2010

This is a tragic case, one that should never have occurred; a medication error took the life of a two year old child.

Apparently, the child was given a fatal overdose of Heparin while she was in hospital recovering from major organ transplant surgery. She was also recovering from gastroschisis (a birth defect in which an infant’s intestines protrude through a defect on one side of the umbilical cord). when she died, suddenly, when all signs indicated that she was making good progress. An investigation revealed that she had been given too much Heparin.

Although the hospital apparently tried to assist the parents any way they could to deal with the tragedy, there will be further investigations and it is more than likely the parents of this little girl will be talking to a personal injury lawyer about pursuing wrongful death or medical malpractice litigation.
The parents will have an enormous burden of grief to deal with, along with hospital expenses and funeral and burial costs. It’s likely to be a very overwhelming time for them, emotionally and financially. How will they maintain their bills and expenses under such extraordinary stress and strain?

If the investigation suggests that the hospital was negligent in its care and treatment of this unfortunate little girl, and litigation is pursued, there is a good possibility the family will be eligible for a lawsuit cash advance. This is a risk-free method of obtaining needed cash now, as litigation funding is contingent upon the outcome of the cases funded; if the family loses their case, it would not need to repay the lawsuit funding. Only if a case is successful does legal finance require repayment.

It is easy to apply for lawsuit financing; you may do so by phone or online. There are no up-front fees and no monthly payments. Legal funding may be used for any necessary expense, but we advise that it be utilized only for important bills and expenses, like medical or funeral bills, mortgage or rent payments, car payments, etc.

Lawsuit Funding Can Make a Real Difference in the Bottom Line of Your Case

June 16, 2010

Lawsuit funding, also known as litigation funding or pre-settlement funding is an important tool for a cash strapped plaintiff to use when he/she needs a cash advance prior to settlement or court resolution of his/her lawsuit. Many of you don’t recognize a litigant’s dilemma. Lawsuits involving personal injury and/or disability take a long time to resolve; if the plaintiff is disabled from work, he/she may suffer through extreme financial hardship while waiting for the valuable case to settle or resolve by court verdict or appeal. Work loss results in financial hardship; medical bills, mortgage payments, rent, car payments, tuition, and other living expensive will accumulate while a plaintiff is disabled and without income. This is where a lawsuit cash advance may be used to alleviate financial pressure to settle the case too soon for too little; best of all, this is done with absolutely no risk to the plaintiff. Why, you ask? Because legal finance services do not require repayment unless you win the case. Stated another way, if you lose your personal injury case, you keep the legal funding company’s money and you don’t have to pay it back! In the legal community, this is referred to as a non-recourse transaction; repayment is contingent upon case outcome. The only collateral used for this settlement funding is your case; if your case is successful the lawsuit finance company is repaid its principal and profit. If the case fails, the money is free. That is the risk of non-recourse lawsuit funding. It is easy to apply for litigation funding; approvals are based on the strength of your case, alone; whether you qualify has nothing to do with your credit standing or job status. Job or no job, good credit or bad, if you have a qualifying lawsuit, you will qualify for a lawsuit cash advance. This means that ANYONE with a good personal injury case may apply and qualify for lawsuit financing.

Your attorney should be notified that you are seeking lawsuit financial services, as he/she is an important part of the process. Case records, provided by the attorney, are received and reviewed to qualify you for case funding. Thus, it is wise to give your attorney a “heads up” when you apply. The main focus of these “lawsuit loans” is to prevent you from allowing financial distress to cause you to settle your valuable case too early for too little. Lawsuit funding could make a real difference in the bottom line of your case and you owe it to yourself to check it out.

Salmonella Hits Water Supply: One Dead; 2,000 Sick

June 11, 2010

Lately, it seems that there has been an increase in contaminated food in the marketplace; even more shocking are incidents of contaminated water. What and who can we trust, these days?

This case occurred in Alamosa, Colorado, after a salmonella outbreak was identified in the city’s water supply. 29 affected families filed lawsuits in 2010. This was not a ‘small’ outbreak; it hit hard, it hit fast, and over 2,000 people were ill and one is dead. Almost 40% of the city’s infants were experiencing symptoms.

Salmonella is tough for an adult to combat; it’s even worse for an infant. Many of the plaintiffs who filed personal injury lawsuits as the result of this outbreak, filed them on behalf of their children. An investigation has revealed that the water had been contaminated with animal feces containing salmonella bacteria; it somehow entered the city’s water supply in March 2008. The water was infected for a full week. The lawsuits indicate that the city water reservoir had not been cleaned/drained since 1984; it had holes and cracks and sediment of up to 18 inches at the bottom. And, shockingly, it had not been professionally inspected since 1997.

After the 2008 incident, the city water system was flushed for two weeks; a new treatment plant built. Of course, those after-the fact steps did not do much to mollify victims of what was called the “worst waterborne-disease outbreak in the US since 2004.”

Cases like this are tough to litigate and take time to come to some kind of resolution; either a settlement or a verdict. Any one of the 29 families may wish to inquire about litigation funding to assist them during their quest for justice in the case. Lawsuit funding is money for which litigants may apply, prior to resolution of their cases, to enable them to pay their bills now, while waiting for their cases to resolve.

It is easy to apply for litigation funding; often, one quick phone call or online visit will get a needy litigant started. Good uses for a lawsuit cash advance are medical bills, mortgage payments, car payments, tuition, groceries, etc.. Legal finance services permits litigants to wait for a fair and equitable resolution to their case without letting immediate financial concerns force them to settle too soon for too little compensation.

Family Police Dog Bites Child: Lawsuit Results

June 9, 2010

A 5-year old girl was bitten badly by a family pet, a police dog at home with its master, a police officer. The police officer was the girl’s uncle. Evidently, the dog had a lengthy record of attacking people and was known to be aggressive, but was not watched as carefully as he should have been.

The young girl was visiting with her uncle while he was outside doing yard work. She decided to go inside. The officer said he heard the attack and the screaming, but by the time he got inside, the dog had already ripped the child’s cheek apart. The family wonders why, if the uncle knew the police dog was aggressive and loose in the house, he would allow his niece to venture inside without him escorting her.

The child now has a permanent scar across her cheek; the scar and a fear of all dogs are lifetime reminders of this incident. The dog bite lawsuit seeks compensation for physical and emotional damages, plus permanent facial disfigurement.

This is a tough case for the parents of a little girl so badly traumatized. They face enormous medical expenses, the cost of drugs and therapy, counseling for post traumatic stress disorder and plastic surgery for facial scarring. This case will take a while to wind its way down the court docket.

Will the family need help with the bills relating to the care and treatment of their daughter? If so, one answer may be to apply for lawsuit funding. A lawsuit cash advance would let the family pay the medical bills, the costs for therapy, and even surgical costs for plastic surgery while they await justice.

Litigation funding means this family would not have settle too soon for too little because of pressure to pay accident related bills. They would be able to wait until justice is done and they get a fair settlement or verdict.

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