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Bipolar Man Killed By Police Taser

A Utah man who was in the throes of a bipolar manic phase was tased twice by police and died as a result. The man’s family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit alleging that he was deprived of his constitutional rights, that the police acted in violation of the Utah Constitution and intentionally inflicted emotional distress.

The suit, filed in federal court, requests a jury trial and further states the police officers used excessive force against the victim and violated his wife’s Fourth Amendment rights by detaining and interrogating her without probable cause.

This sorry episode started with the wife phoning 911 and reporting that her husband was having a bipolar episode; he had stripped naked and run onto the highway. In the call for help the wife stated she was afraid he was going to be hit. The husband could be heard screaming in the background. Police were dispatched and advised the husband was having a manic episode and had just taken his medicine, which had not kicked in yet.

According to the lawsuit, the police didn’t try to calm the man down; they simply jumped out of their car, taser ready, and shot the man twice, dead center on his bare chest. According to the lawsuit, he was left, face down in the roadside ditch, and no one checked his vital signs. Evidently, he had blue lips and showed signs of cardiac arrest.

His wife, pregnant at the time, wasn’t allowed to go to the hospital. She was taken to jail, taken into custody and interrogated. Any requests about her husband’s condition remained unanswered; she was not allowed to get a clean diaper for her baby. Later, she was informed that her husband had died. When she was released from custody, she contacted a personal injury lawyer.

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