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Construction Fall Kills Worker

An inside fall kills a construction worker on the job. The man died at the hospital.

Everyone realizes that construction work sites are often accidents looking for a place to happen. While those that work there usually strive to make their site a safe one, things happen. In this case, a worker fell to his death while working inside a building that was to become a new IBM Technology Service center.

“Evidently the worker, Larry Embley, Jr., fell while he was inside the building and the injuries he sustained were so severe that he later died at the hospital. It’s not entirely clear what caused the fall, but there is speculation that he may have fallen through an open hole in the floor – something that is fairly common on building construction sites,” outlined Daren Monroe, who writes for Litigation Funding Corporation, Southfield, Michigan. Usually the holes in the floor are covered with a piece of metal to prevent falls.

“Although the police declined to further investigate, OSHA is interested in finding out what happened. The lead contractor on the job insisted they were in complete compliance with OSHA regulations and safety standards. That remains to be seen,” commented Monroe.

The Embley family is likely wondering what they are going to do now that they have lost their loved one. When sudden death strikes, it not only affects everyone emotionally, but financially. “Abruptly, there is no income and the family is left wondering how they will pay the medical, funeral and burial expenses, not to mention the other bills that don’t stop when a family member dies,” Monroe added. The Embley’s may want to ask some questions about lawsuit funding, also known as litigation funding.

A lawsuit cash advance would let them pay their bills right away and keep on paying the usual financial obligations like car loans, tuition and mortgage. They wouldn’t have to wait too long for their lawsuit cash advance to arrive either; usually less than 48 hours.

It costs zero to apply for pre-settlement lawsuit funding and the benefits for the family are enormous. It will let them wait until they get a fair and equitable settlement or court verdict. As a strategic tool, litigation funding is worth its weight in gold.

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