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Cruise Ship Takes Sharp Turn, Dumps Passengers

What do you think about when you hear the word “cruise”? A dream vacation, perhaps? Well, this cruise turned out to be a nightmare for several passengers on board a Carnival Cruise Ship.

Sixty passengers were injured after Carnival’s ‘Ecstasy’ ship took an abrupt turn to miss hitting a partially submerged buoy near the Yucatan Peninsula. The ship’s pilot had turned the ship homeward when it suddenly tipped precipitously to the port side. Apparently, the pilot completed this maneuver to avoid striking a large buoy that had not showed up on radar.

Many passengers were asleep when the abrupt tilt to port took place and many of them wound up in heap on the floor after being thrown out of their beds. At least 60 people sustained a variety of injuries ranging from minor to serious. Apparently no one needed to be hospitalized at that time.

Many injuries that seem to be minor when they occur, have the potential to worsen and become serious or more serious, later. Passengers who hit their heads or sustained bruising, bumps or concussions should seek medical attention to ensure that their injuries are not serious, especially the head injuries. Passengers who slipped and fell may have serious head, neck or back injuries that could worsen over time. Traumatic brain injuries, bulged or herniated disks could result from these types of occurrences. Those whose injuries develop into something more serious should consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer about their legal rights against Carnival.

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