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Eight Year Old Dead; Run Over by Lawn Mower

This case is a two pronged tragedy. An eight year old boy was run over by a lawn mower; as he was being taken to hospital, his mom, on her way to the hospital in another car, was injured in an automobile accident.

The details of this case are not completely known; apparently the lawn mower belonged to the boy’s father. The father was helping a neighbor with his yard work when the accident happened. Precisely how the mower was engaged and how it ran over the little boy is not yet clear. EMS crews apparently took 17 minutes to reach the scene due to heavy traffic.

The mother’s automobile accident resulted in severe injuries to her; she was rushed to a hospital and admitted to the surgical intensive care unit for treatment.

There are two potential personal injury/wrongful death lawsuits here:

1. A lawn mower fatality, which may have been caused by the negligence of the father or neighbor, or may be the result of a defective lawn mower.

2. An automobile accident, which could be pursued if another driver was the at fault/negligent driver.

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