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Family Police Dog Bites Child: Lawsuit Results

A 5-year old girl was bitten badly by a family pet, a police dog at home with its master, a police officer. The police officer was the girl’s uncle. Evidently, the dog had a lengthy record of attacking people and was known to be aggressive, but was not watched as carefully as he should have been.

The young girl was visiting with her uncle while he was outside doing yard work. She decided to go inside. The officer said he heard the attack and the screaming, but by the time he got inside, the dog had already ripped the child’s cheek apart. The family wonders why, if the uncle knew the police dog was aggressive and loose in the house, he would allow his niece to venture inside without him escorting her.

The child now has a permanent scar across her cheek; the scar and a fear of all dogs are lifetime reminders of this incident. The dog bite lawsuit seeks compensation for physical and emotional damages, plus permanent facial disfigurement.

This is a tough case for the parents of a little girl so badly traumatized. They face enormous medical expenses, the cost of drugs and therapy, counseling for post traumatic stress disorder and plastic surgery for facial scarring. This case will take a while to wind its way down the court docket.

Will the family need help with the bills relating to the care and treatment of their daughter? If so, one answer may be to apply for lawsuit funding. A lawsuit cash advance would let the family pay the medical bills, the costs for therapy, and even surgical costs for plastic surgery while they await justice.

Litigation funding means this family would not have settle too soon for too little because of pressure to pay accident related bills. They would be able to wait until justice is done and they get a fair settlement or verdict.

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