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Lawsuit Funding Can Make a Real Difference in the Bottom Line of Your Case

Lawsuit funding, also known as litigation funding or pre-settlement funding is an important tool for a cash strapped plaintiff to use when he/she needs a cash advance prior to settlement or court resolution of his/her lawsuit. Many of you don’t recognize a litigant’s dilemma. Lawsuits involving personal injury and/or disability take a long time to resolve; if the plaintiff is disabled from work, he/she may suffer through extreme financial hardship while waiting for the valuable case to settle or resolve by court verdict or appeal. Work loss results in financial hardship; medical bills, mortgage payments, rent, car payments, tuition, and other living expensive will accumulate while a plaintiff is disabled and without income. This is where a lawsuit cash advance may be used to alleviate financial pressure to settle the case too soon for too little; best of all, this is done with absolutely no risk to the plaintiff. Why, you ask? Because legal finance services do not require repayment unless you win the case. Stated another way, if you lose your personal injury case, you keep the legal funding company’s money and you don’t have to pay it back! In the legal community, this is referred to as a non-recourse transaction; repayment is contingent upon case outcome. The only collateral used for this settlement funding is your case; if your case is successful the lawsuit finance company is repaid its principal and profit. If the case fails, the money is free. That is the risk of non-recourse lawsuit funding. It is easy to apply for litigation funding; approvals are based on the strength of your case, alone; whether you qualify has nothing to do with your credit standing or job status. Job or no job, good credit or bad, if you have a qualifying lawsuit, you will qualify for a lawsuit cash advance. This means that ANYONE with a good personal injury case may apply and qualify for lawsuit financing.

Your attorney should be notified that you are seeking lawsuit financial services, as he/she is an important part of the process. Case records, provided by the attorney, are received and reviewed to qualify you for case funding. Thus, it is wise to give your attorney a “heads up” when you apply. The main focus of these “lawsuit loans” is to prevent you from allowing financial distress to cause you to settle your valuable case too early for too little. Lawsuit funding could make a real difference in the bottom line of your case and you owe it to yourself to check it out.

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