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Puddle In Store Causes Slip & Fall-Lawsuit Funding to the Rescue

You never know when you may experience an accident; it may even happen when you are doing a routine chore like grocery shopping. No one wakes up and anticipates that an accident will happen, especially, not a slip and fall between and aisle and a checkout counter. This unfortunate woman slipped and fell in a puddle of clear water that was negligently left on the floor, without posted warnings, by store employees.

Slip and Fall accidents
may happen for a variety of reasons that include” potholes, ripped/torn carpet, a ridge in the floor, wet flooring, uneven sidewalks, poor weather conditions and improperly lit areas such as stairs and pathways.
As a result of this fall, the shopper badly injured her knee and sought legal counsel to file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent store. The lawsuit claims damages for lost wages, severe pain, a walking disability, the loss of a once normal life, mental anguish and medical and therapy bills incurred as a direct result of the accident.

The lawsuit alleges that the store did not provide a safe entrance and exit from the store, did not post adequate signage about the floor being wet and that employees didn’t mop the floor. Significant damages are being sought in compensation.

The injured and disabled shopper might be interested in knowing that she may be eligible for a lawsuit cash advance. This would allow her to immediately pay her ordinary bills and expenses, as well as her medical and therapy bills, then be able to wait for a good settlement or verdict. Litigation funding is a smart move, as it helps people stay the course to a decent verdict or settlement, rather than be forced into taking an inadequate settlement offer too early, for too little, because they need cash.
It is simple to apply; it only takes a phone call or website visit, answering a few quick questions. If approved, plaintiff funding arrives within 24-48 hours. While a litigant is free to spend the money on whatever he/she desires, it is advised to utilize this service wisely, paying important bills and expenses only allowing him/her to concentrate on getting well and getting fairly compensated for injuries suffered.

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