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Reprise the Driving Exam for Better Luck – Maybe

It had to happen one day; the driving examiner gets into an accident caused by a student.

This is one driving examiner that isn’t too happy with the results of the latest exam he held for one of his students. No doubt the student taking the test wished he’d never even contemplated the joys of driving after this faux pas.

In what could be viewed as a comedy of errors, that in other circumstances just “may” be amusing, a student lost control of the car he was driving for his driving test. Unfortunately, it slammed into the side of the DMV building injuring the examiner, who appears to have hit his head on the windshield during the impact. Despite the relatively low speed of the crash, the airbags deployed and the front bumper separated from the car. Evidently, for some unknown reason, the student driver, Lucas Holliday, stepped on the gas instead of the brakes while exiting a driveway.

The DMV examiner was taken to hospital for observation and the student driver figures he will take his driving exam again. It’s likely he won’t be taking it with the same examiner. There was no word on whether or not the student driver was going to be charged for careless driving without a license.

Tricky case. If the driving examiner did hit his head on the windshield in this low speed crash, he may wind up with concussion and memory problems. With injuries like this, even what appears to be a minor injury may have some serious consequences for the long-term, including an eventual diagnosis of traumatic brain injury.

If the examiner does have traumatic brain injury, he may require some form of care for the balance of his life, depending on the severity of the injury. Chances are he will want to talk to a personal injury lawyer about this accident and what may be done to recover his medical and other expenses.

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If the examiner is eligible for pre-settlement funding, he could expect to receive it within 48 hours by check or by wire. There is no credit check required and you don’t have to have a job to be eligible for a lawsuit cash advance.

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