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Two Emergency Vehicles Collide on the Way to a Call

This is an interesting car crash case. A cop car and EMS ambulance collided on the way to a call.

It couldn’t have been a worse day for the men involved in this particular accident. A police cruiser and an EMS emergency rig were en route to the same shooting scene when they ran into one another. Evidently both vehicles were running with lights and sirens, so it’s unclear as to how they got involved in a crash. Details were rather scarce, and the officers and ambulance crew didn’t seem to be able to volunteer too much more information.

While no one is sure how the police eventually managed to apprehend the suspects in the shooting incident – their cruiser was totaled and had to be towed from the scene – all four suspects were arrested and charged for attempted robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, firing into an unoccupied home and injury to private property. The EMS crew managed to take a shooting victim to the hospital with gunshot wounds to the leg. The apparent upshot of the collision was that those involved only had crash induced soreness.

Interesting to note that the police and ambulance crews didn’t take the time to get their injuries checked out. They, of all people, should know that what may seem to be a minor injury may turn into something else later. Sore ribs may be cracked ribs and cause a punctured lung; a sore neck may be serious whiplash or a bruised knee may be a dislocation, etc. If the cruiser was totaled, one has to assume that the police injuries were likely a bit more serious than they admitted.

Given that the exact cause of the accident is unclear until a further investigation is undertaken, one must assume on the surface that someone was not paying attention to where they were going, was perhaps checking an onboard computer for GPS location or may have been on the cell phone. The driver of the vehicle that caused the crash would ultimately be responsible for any personal injuries sustained by the other victims.

The other victims – and let’s just assume that would be the EMS crew, but it could easily have been the police as well – would want to talk to an attorney to find out their rights if any of their injuries developed into something more serious. If that was the case, they may also want to not only consider filing a lawsuit, but applying for pre-settlement lawsuit funding to allow them to pay medical bills and other expenses while they waited for a settlement or a court verdict.

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