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DUI Driver Kills Pregnant Woman and Unborn Child

A 57 year old scooter driver and his passenger were involved in a crash with a culvert. The man was reportedly driving his scooter along a roadway when it suddenly veered into a ditch and hit a culvert. On impact, his passenger, a young pregnant woman, was ejected. She struck her head on a concrete curb.

EMS crews took both injured parties to the hospital where the young woman was pronounced dead. Her 25-week old baby was delivered at the hospital, but the child’s injuries, sustained in the accident, proved to be fatal. The driver was charged with DUI and may face further charges later.

Without a doubt, this woman’s family will want to find out what their legal rights are in this case. There was a DUI driver and a deadly crash because of one idiot’s negligence in drinking and driving. That decision cost two people their lives.

This case would take a fair length of time to either be settled or proceed to court. In the meantime, the family will need funds to pay medical bills that were incurred as a result of the accident and the subsequent birth. They will also need to find funds to pay for the funeral and burial expenses for two people. They might not know where the money is going to come from and will be worried about what they will do.

The family might want to check into the possibility of applying for a lawsuit cash advance. It doesn’t take long to apply and it costs not one thin dime to apply either. Litigation funding would be a lifesaver for them, as it would allow them to wait for an equitable settlement in their case or a court verdict.

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