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Falling Furniture Part Causes Personal Injuries

Just when you thought you may have heard it all; you hear about falling furniture parts.

While it might sound amusing – a piece of furniture falling off an entertainment center – the consequences may not be a whole lot of fun. In this case, American Signature Inc., and the Product Safety Commission got together and recalled several entertainment centers billed as being a touch on the exotic side. They were sold in a variety of colors including dark brown, natural, black and white, and had fixed or adjustable shelves. And therein lies the problem – the shelves.

The shelves had a tendency to fall away from the main section of the center itself when it was moved. While some consumers figured it was not such a big deal, a shelf falling when it was moved, those who were hit on the head and suffered serious head injuries were not amused. The manufacturer got at least four reports of the shelf above the TV area coming down. Two of the reports involved injuries to entertainment center owners; an adult needing stitches to his face due to a mouth injury; and a child who hurt her finger. There was also property damage reported as well.

These pieces of furniture were made in China, Thailand and Malaysia and were sold in the US between October 2002 and December 2009 for approximately $1,650 each. Why they waited so long to recall the product is a good question, as is why the instructions in the package for the center didn’t state the center shelf above the TV should be taken down before moving the unit.

Consumers hurt by this falling furniture might want to talk to a defective product attorney and find out how they can go about filing a personal injury lawsuit. The answer will likely depend on the severity of the damages. However, having said that, it is possible there are consumers out there who have no idea the unit has been recalled because they have not had a problem with it – yet. If someone puts something heavy on the center shelf, the consequences of it falling may include traumatic brain injury (TBI).

TBI is nothing to mess with and if someone is diagnosed with that as a result of head trauma, they may require care for the rest of their lives, not be able to work and not be able to live their life the way they used to live it. When talking to an attorney about product liability lawsuits, a plaintiff may also be interested to know about a service they may be eligible for: pre-settlement funding.

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