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Hit & Run Automobile Accident Seriously Injures Two Kids

Two children were looking to have some fun with their go-kart. The 12-year-olds hopped into a go-kart, were exiting their driveway when a motorist hit the kart, and ejected the two kids. The man fled the scene without stopping. Fortunately, another motorist saw the accident and was able to identify the license number of the fleeing vehicle; the witness called 911.

The go-kart driver was wearing a helmet; his passenger was not. Witnesses, who saw the horrific accident, including the driver’s grandmother, thought the boys were dead. Both boys were rushed to a hospital where the driver was listed in good condition and, the passenger, in critical condition. The driver of the vehicle that struck the boys was apprehended about a mile away from the scene and charged with felony hit and run and failure to have a driver’s license.

It’s highly likely the parents of both boys will want to see about filing personal injury lawsuits. The families will be in deep shock and be facing a whole pile of medical bills as their son’s recover from this accident. They may be wondering where they will find the money to pay for everything.

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