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HP Recalls Lithium Batteries Due to Fire Hazard

This may fall into an “in case you missed it” story. I certainly did. Back in May of this year, Hewlett-Packard recalled 54,000 Lithium-ion batteries recalled due to overheating fire hazard.

If it isn’t food products we have to worry about, its other things like the lithium-ion batteries we use in Compaq and Hewlett-Packard notebook computers. This product recall was announced when it was discovered that the batteries could overheat, causing a fire and potentially harm/burn the user.

This is the second product recall affecting these batteries since 2009 when the batteries in question reportedly ruptured after getting too hot. The 2009 recall involved 11 cases of personal injuries and 31 instances of property damage. While the second recall scenario has not had any reported problems, one wonders why the company would continue to use the same product after a major fiasco just last year. Consumers were told to remove recalled batteries, immediately, and receive replacement batteries, free.

While the response was prompt, it may not be adequate; one has to wonder about product liability issues in this instance. Not everyone who has defective batteries will hear about this latest recall ( I didn’t find out about it until two months later); who knows what could happen? The first recall happened because people were burnt and sustained property damage. This second recall may be a repeat of the first.

Anyone badly burnt or otherwise injured by these defective batteries may, ultimately be entitled to pursue litigation against the manufacturer. Most personal injury attorneys offer free consultations to discuss a potential case. Make sure that the attorney specialize in product liability cases. You need to know your rights and you need to decide if you want to file a lawsuit. If you have been seriously hurt, your medical expenses and recovery may be quite expensive.

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