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Van-Muni Train Collision Injures Seven

Seven people were badly hurt during a San Francisco Muni train crash with a van. The police suspect that alcohol may have been involved and they plan to investigate the van driver further.
Evidently, eyewitnesses reported the van was heading south on the street and got stuck when it tried to execute an illegal left turn right in the oncoming path of the Muni train. The collision injured four in the van and three train passengers. The injured were all taken to local hospitals for treatment with wounds ranging from minor to serious.

During the initial investigation at the scene, police discovered an open alcohol container in the van. They need to check to see if the driver was the person drinking or someone else in the van was at the time of the crash. On the face of things, this case seems to be open and shut, but things aren’t always the way they look.

If the driver was under the influence, he will likely be charged later. In any event, this would mean the passengers in the van and those on the train would be in positions to file personal injury lawsuits, citing the negligence of the van driver.

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