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Automatic Door Goes Haywire: Senior Citizen Seriously Injured

A well known mechanical door maker and Target Corporation were ordered to pay $7 million to an 81 year old woman who was injured in a Target store when the automatic door went haywire, knocked her to the ground and caused a serious traumatic brain injury.

The woman was walking into her local Target store and just as she got through the entrance, the door closed before she was through the door; she was knocked over and hit her head on the ground when she fell. The door continued to open and close, hitting her in the head as it did. She suffered brain damage resulting in cognitive deficits and was admitted to a nursing home because of her injuries.

Before she was injured, she was living with on a fixed income and was a care-giver to her 59 year old, ‘special needs’ daughter.

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As for the door manufacturer and Target stores, hopefully the jury sent them a loud and clear message about entrance door maintenance and safety.

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