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Boy Who Jumped Out of Truck Gets $26M

When two young boys asked for a ride in a truck, one ended up a quadriplegic. The other was severely injured.

This whole story actually started when two young boys asked a friend of theirs if they could have a ride in the back of his truck. Dillon Elkins, who was ten at the time of the incident in 2003, thought it would be fun to hitch a ride in the back. The truck’s owner, Robert Murchison who was 18 years old, first said no to the request. He didn’t want the two young boys in the back.

For some reason, Murchison changed his mind and said they could have a ride in the back of his truck if they agreed to jump out if they saw any police officers. “Off they went and were having a good time. A little later in the trip, Murchison passed a patrol car at which point he supposedly yelled to the two boys that they better jump out. Dillon did jump. The result of that decision was catastrophic brain injury which left him a spastic quadriplegic,” explained Daren Monroe, who writes for Litigation Funding Corporation, Southfield, Michigan.

The boy’s mom sued Murchison alleging he was negligent in letting the boys ride in the back of his truck and then telling them to jump out. “In other words, he should have known better than to tell a 10-year-old boy to jump out of the back of a moving truck,” added Monroe. The defense in this case presented the argument that the boys had gone into the back of the truck on the quiet, not telling the owner, and that Dillon just jumped out. “The jury wasn’t too impressed with that argument and awarded $32 million to Dillon, but also reduced that award by 20% because of his comparative negligence (jumping out of a moving truck),” Monroe commented.

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