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Dental Malpractice Ruins Bite: Dentist Pays

In this case, the plaintiff sued his dentist because he lost his bite. This saga began in 2007, when the man had permanent crowns placed on his teeth. Shortly after the procedure, he began to suffer from continuous headaches and had a great deal of difficulty chewing. He went to several other dentists to find out what the problem was; he eventually had new permanent crowns put on his upper teeth by another dentist in 2009. The replacement crowns cured his headaches and restored his bite.

As a result of two years of “biting” hassles, the man sued the original dentist, indicating that he was negligent in placing the crowns, and causing his teeth to be thrown out of alignment. The defendant dentist argued that the man did not complete his prescribed course of treatment, and, if he had, he wouldn’t have suffered the headaches or the bite issues. The jury didn’t agree and rendered a verdict of $297,000.

Three years is a long time to wait for justice and to recover enough money to pay for dental expenses, medications and other costs related to the first placement of permanent crowns. In discussions with his personal injury attorney, the plaintiff in this case may have paid for additional care and treatment by applying for pre-settlement funding. Periods of time off work could have led to financial difficulties, and, again, lawsuit funding could have assisted with late mortgage, credit card, or car payments, preventing financial desperation to cause him to settle his case too early for too little.

A ‘lawsuit loan’ would have let him get on with his life, pay his bills and let him turn down low offers from insurance companies. The greatest advantage of a lawsuit cash advance is leverage against the insurance company; legal finance services are easy and free to apply for. There are no upfront fees and no monthly payments to make.

Lawsuit finance is money sent to the plaintiff in advance of their expected verdict or settlement and it does not have to be paid back until the case resolves successfully; if the case fails, the money is yours to keep, free of charge. Thus, legal funding is, absolutely, a no risk proposition. Lawsuit funding is a hassle free way to keep on paying the bills and still be able to live your life without wondering where the next dollar will come from to pay those expenses.

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