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Fitness Inversion Bench May Fall and Cause Injury

This product recall was triggered due to inversion benches falling over. The specific brands are Nordic Track Revitalize, Weider Club Inversion benches and Gold’s Gym benches. It seems that the unit’s ankle clamps were releasing unexpectedly or a strap, designed to limit rotation, would break, causing users to fall. Approximately 33,000 units were recalled for this defect.

ICON Health and Fitness received 75 incident reports; 23 of them resulting in injuries. The items recalled included the Nordic Track Revitalize Inversion Bench 2.0 model 831.14895.0, Gold’s Gym Inversion System models GGBE0867.0 and GGCCBE0867.0 and Weider Club Inversion System model WEBE0878.0. The model number is under the backrest of the bench.

This equipment was sold through Walmart, Sears and other sporting goods stores across the nation, from April 2008 until February 2009. Anyone that has one of the model numbers listed above should stop using the equipment and get a free repair kit for ICON Fitness & Health.

While the response to the injury reports appeared to be prompt, many consumers will be caught, unaware that there is a problem. If a consumer is hurt using this equipment, the manufacturer may be held responsible, under product liability theories, for their injuries. The primary reported injuries have been to the head and neck; these can range from minor to very serious, results are hard to predict; short term or long term care, life altering injuries or permanent disability could result.

Anyone seriously injured using this defective equipment may wish to file a product liability lawsuit; after retaining an experienced attorney and filing suit, victims may also wish to make inquiries about accessing lawsuit funding. A lawsuit cash advance is fast money that is “advanced” prior to a settlement or verdict. A victim would often get the money by wire or check and usually within 48 hours or less.

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