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Job Site Amputation Results in Sizeable Compensation

This seriously injured victim was at work one day, on a construction site, when he got his fingers caught between an electrical panel and a conduit that was sticking up out of the ground. It appears that someone else, another worker, tipped the 1,000 pound electrical panel on him without checking the weight of it, nor warning him how heavy it could be. His case has resolved for $450,000.

Obviously, this construction site accident victim was expertly represented by a competent personal injury lawyer; while waiting for his case to resolve, he was, most likely, even with workers’ compensation benefits, short on his monthly bills and expenses. His solution for this financial issue would have been a service called litigation funding. This is a lawsuit cash advance, money that would have helped him get through some tough financial times while he was off work and recovering from having his fingers re-attached. We don’t know whether he has been able to return to work, or not. Settlements or verdicts need to consider the effect an injury has on a worker’s ability to return to work in the future, as well as any wage loss suffered up to the time of case resolution. Large verdicts are often not the “jackpots” that insurance industry crackpots claim them to be. The wool is often being pulled over the public’s eyes in this regard.

Pre-settlement funding is an innovative and timely service for those who are in a financial bind as the result of being injured by the negligence of another. While a ‘lawsuit loan’ is not for everyone, a large number of people find that it is just what they need to be able to pay their bills and then be able to wait for a decent settlement; not a cheap offer from an insurance company.

The real beauty of lawsuit financing is that once the person is approved for the legal finance advance, the money arrives fast; usually within 24-48 hours. It’s usually sent by the quickest route possible; either by check or wire. Once the plaintiff has those funds in hand, he or she may immediately pay his/her medical bills and other pressing monthly expenses.

When someone applies for a lawsuit cash advance all they need to do is to answer some questions about their case and fill out an application form. It costs nothing to apply for litigation funding and the person making the application does not need to be employed, as many victims of accidents typically don’t have jobs after being badly injured.

A personal injury plaintiff does not have any upfront fees to pay; there are no monthly payments. If a litigation finance company asks for money to fill out the application form, or suggests there are upfront fees to use its service or requires monthly payments on your lawsuit cash advance, just say ‘no’ and move on to another lawsuit funding company.

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