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Man Who Hit Cyclists Apprehended

A man who hit a group of six cyclists, sending four to hospital, with serious injuries, has been apprehended by police. The man was driving in the opposite direction of the cyclists when he hit the group. He fled the scene of the accident, but later turned himself in. Police promptly charged the 21-year old with six counts of felony hit and run.

In the State of North Carolina, and many other states around the country, bicycles are considered to be vehicles and need to be respectful of road conditions, keep traffic on the move and avoid accidents. The police aren’t certain why this “gentleman” hit the group of cyclists; the investigation has not been concluded. There is some speculation that he left the scene because he was DUI; when he turned himself in, later, he was sober. It is likely that the injured cyclists will speak to attorneys about filing lawsuits; how much liability insurance coverage is available will certainly be an issue. Hopefully, this man carried more than the state minimum coverage.

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