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Restaurant Agrees to Pay Large Settlement in Trip and Fall Case

It’s always a good idea to watch where you’re going, but in some cases, you don’t anticipate a problem.

When you go to a restaurant, you are looking forward to enjoying a meal, the chance to have someone else cook and clear the table and do the dishes. You don’t go thinking you should be watching where you are walking. Unfortunately, in this case, Deborah Scofield tripped and fell on a hump in the floor she was walking on while at an Applebee’s restaurant. She hadn’t seen the bump in the floor, so it came as a major shock when she tripped and fell, fracturing her foot and injuring her knee.

On the surface, the accidental fall seemed to be fairly minor. The actual medical diagnosis was not minor in the least. Both of Scofield’s injuries required surgery and the worst of it was that a year and a half after the fall, she presented with lower back pain. An MRI revealed a disc extrusion, another result of her fall, and she needed yet another surgery at L5-S1 – a hemilaminectomy and discectomy.

The defense in this case argued her back injury was pre-existing and that the action should not succeed. The plaintiff prevailed and was on the way to court when Applebees settled for $935,000 the day before the case was slated to start. As you may gather, this is an excellent case that shows why you should never sign off on an injury claim with an insurance company until you know the exact extent of your injuries.

This case initially happened in 2007 and it’s taken three years for it to be resolved. In the meantime, Ms. Scofield might have been well served if she had applied for litigation funding. This is a service offered to plaintiffs who need money immediately to handle their staggering medical bills and other expenses that keep on keeping on, even though they are laid up. A lawsuit cash advance is easy to apply for and it doesn’t cost a penny to fill out the application form.

There are no upfront fees involved when a plaintiff fills out an application for pre-settlement funding and they will not be expected to pay monthly fees either. This is a no hassle and very fast way to secure cash for an eligible plaintiff to handle their immediate financial problems as a result of their injuries.

Pre-settlement funding is often referred to as litigation funding and the main benefit, aside from being able to pay pressing bills, is that once the fast cash arrives and is put in the bank, the plaintiff can sit tight and turn down ridiculous offers from insurance companies.

Daren Monroe writes for Litigation Funding Corp. To learn more about lawsuit funding and litigation funding, visit Litigationfundingcorp.com.

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