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Sweatshirts Pose Strangulation Risk

While it may be hard to fathom how a sweatshirt with ties can cause strangulation, Gogo Sports has recently recalled (voluntarily) a line of children’s sweatshirts with drawstrings for that very reason. The product safety commission announced the recall in late April 2010; it affects about 2,400 garments (made in China). There have been no reported injuries to date, but no one is certain if everyone who bought one of their shirts is aware of this recall.

The sweatshirts are zippered and hooded and sold in sizes XS to 3XL and come in two styles: HKK and JMK. The HKK come in a variety of colors, while the JMK is black only. The shirts have various city names on the front of them and some have a removable hood with elastic or retractable drawstrings. These items were sold in clothing stores in New Mexico, Colorado, Hawaii and California from January 2008 to December 2009. The maker suggests the drawstrings be removed immediately.

Chances are there will be a lot of people who won’t heed a warning like this and just continue to wear the garment complete with the drawstrings. If someone is seriously injured as the result of this defect, the manufacturer and others involved in its commerce may be liable. A product liability attorney can help you determine your rights in these situations.

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