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The young man was only 27 years old at the time of his death. He was killed in an explosion at a processing plant, as he tried to restart a hot oil heater. He was working for Quicksilver Resources at the time and was killed when gas gathered by the burners; as he tried to light one, the heater exploded.

The wrongful death lawsuit indicated that Hanover (the original plant owner) and Quicksilver had notice at the time of this tragedy that the heater did not comply with safety recommendations. It was installed anyway and installed improperly. The jury assessed Hanover as being 90% negligent and Quicksilver as 10% negligent.

This a large award for an unimaginable loss for this family. How does a family recover from the loss of someone so young? It is an immense tragedy. Awards like this one are not obtained easily. The are fought hard for, over a long period of time. The wheels of justice turn very slowly. In case like this one, families often turn to lawsuit funding to get through the legal process without experiencing financial ruin. You see, accidents cause serious injury and/or death to important family members. Their injuries and/or deaths almost always cause financial devastation. Litigation funding provides victims with cash now, before their lawsuit resolve, providing the cash needed to pay their medical expenses or any costs related to the accident. These ‘lawsuit loans’ also assist victims in dealing with important bills and expenses, mortgage, rent or car payments, tuition and utilities. Pre-settlement funding removes the financial pressure to accept insurance company offers that come too soon for too little; victims may now wait for a fair and just verdict or settlement. In most instances, insurance companies will shoot low, aiming to get the plaintiff to settle for less money.

It is easy to apply for legal finance; it costs nothing to fill out an application form. Injury victims may apply online or by calling the litigation funding company’s toll free number. Once the details of the case have been assessed and the lawsuit funding approved, fast cash lawsuit financing arrives within 24-48 hours by check or by wire.

A plaintiff’s job status or credit history does not matter when he/she applies for a lawsuit cash advance; case underwriters are only concerned with the quality and value of the case presented for legal funding. There are no upfront fees and do not have any monthly payments; if the case is not successful, repayment is excused. This is truly no-risk case funding.

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