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Workplace Crush Injury Results in Death and Fair Resolution

This case was about to go to trial, when the family of an injured worker settled out of court. The 23-year old young man, who worked for his father’s masonry outfit, was crushed between a backhoe and his dad’s forklift. The machine was operated in reverse, without the required safety spotter. Unfortunately, the father was a witness to the accident.

The young man was taken to hospital with severe crush and degloving injuries this is an injury in which the skin is literally peeled off the body, like a glove. He endured multiple surgeries and eventually developed abdominal compartment syndrome so painful, he was placed in a medically induced coma to deal with the agony. He succumbed to his injuries and passed away six and one half months later, without regaining consciousness.

This was an horrendous construction site accident; no one should ever have to witness such an event, especially the father of the victim. The father filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the general contractor on the work site that was in charge of running the backhoe. The case cited workplace safety violations and negligence.

This family had a very long period of time where their son was undergoing numerous operations and skin grafting. The medical expenses in this case would be catastrophic. Was there medical insurance? If not, this would have been the time for the family to consider applying for pre-settlement funding. This is litigation funding that is provided to a plaintiff or his family in advance of an potential settlement or award in a personal injury case.

Lawsuit funding proceeds may be used to pay medical bills, funeral expenses, or important bills and expenses that a family falls behind on in a situation like this. Once an applicant is approved for what some refer to as a “lawsuit loan”, the lawsuit cash advance arrives, by wire or check, within 24-48 hours. The main goal of this valuable legal finance service is to ease a plaintiff’s financial situation just enough to permit him/her to reject inadequate offers of settlement and await fair offers of settlement. It prevents plaintiffs from settling valuable cases too soon, for too little compensation.

Applying for lawsuit financing is easy and quick; it may be done online or by phone. There are no monthly payments to deal with and no upfront fees either. It’s a no-hassle way to get legal funding that will help the family get through some tough financial times while they are trying to deal with their loss.

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