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Bad Brake Job Results in Serious Injury, Serious Settlement

Imagine going in to have your brakes fixed not once, but twice, and later finding out they weren’t fixed properly and you ended up in an automobile accident. That’s what happened to this unfortunate plaintiff, who had a special kind of brake system installed in his car to make things easier for him when he delivered the mail.

Apparently the first time he attempted to use his vehicle after the brake installation, the brake cable malfunctioned. He took the vehicle back to the shop to get it fixed. The repair work failed and his vehicle rolled down a hill and crashed, fracturing the plaintiff’s elbow and fingers. The man retained a personal injury lawyer and filed a lawsuit against the repair shop for the negligent work.

The shop fought the litigation, but after depositions and negotiations, the repair shop finally settled out of court; after all, it was quite possible that a jury would have awarded more.

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