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Burned Welder Settles Workplace Accident Case

This lawsuit was filed by a 61-year old diesel tank worker who was burned over 35% of his body, when the diesel tank he was working on, in 2008, suddenly exploded. The injured worker had to undergo painful debridement and allografting. These painful processes will need to be repeated, over and over, for many years to come, as his body forms scars that need to be removed to allow the skin to ‘breath’ and heal. He will be in constant pain for the remainder of his life.

The lawsuit alleged that the president of the well drilling company the man was working for knew that the diesel tanker had hidden and highly dangerous conditions, but that the company failed to warn its workers, in particular, this badly injured and disfigured plaintiff, about those dangers.

This injured worker waited over two years for justice in his case. The jury awarded him $2,125,000, ‘justice’ that will pay for extensive and ongoing medical procedures for the rest of his life. During that time while he was waiting for case resolution, it must have have been enormously difficult, if not impossible, for him to pay his normal bills and expenses as well as those expenses,surgeries, rehabilitation, pain medication,and other injury related expenses. It is doubtful that he has returned or will ever be able to return to his former job.

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