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Dog attack kills 4-year-old girl

This disturbing case shocked the local community of Iron Ridge, Wis. A dog attacked and killed a 4-year-old girl.

Taylor Bells was just 4 years old when she died; attacked by a 5-year-old Boxer while she was in the backyard of a home she had never been to before. For some reason, she was left out in the yard by herself, with no supervision.

Apparently, the Bells family was visiting a friend and the dog was in the backyard, attached to a lead and chain that was long enough for him to roam most of the yard. Taylor was left outside with the dog and no one noticed what had happened, until a neighbor heard a terrible racket coming from the backyard.

The dog was mauling the child. The neighbor flew across the yard to pound on the door of the residence, alerting the people inside the home to the attack. A 911 dispatcher instructed the family how to perform CPR on the gravely injured child; coaching them for approximately nine minutes. When EMS crews arrived, Taylor was rushed to the nearest hospital where a trauma team tried to save her for over an hour. They were not successful.

The Boxer was taken to the local humane society for a quarantine period of 10 days. The owner will have to decide whether to put the dog down or not when the time is up. Police reports did not indicate why Taylor was left alone with the dog.

Cases like these are never easy for anyone, particularly if a small child is involved. The major question in this case is whether the dog had a known history of being vicious and attacking people and whether Taylor’s mother knew about it. While the dog may have been chained in the yard, if it was known to be vicious, the Bells family should have been warned.

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