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Job Site Crush Injury Disables Worker

Jobs sites are notorious places for accidents to happen and this upsetting mishap is no exception. Here, a construction worker was driving an SB 1600 Mud Buggy; it crashed because the worker could not get the vehicle to respond to the controls. As a result of the crash, the man fractured both legs (tibia and fibula in each) which necessitated multiple surgeries.

The worker alleged the mud buggy was defective; the manufacturer, Stone Construction Equipment Inc., admitted there was a defect, but insisted that the worker’s negligence caused this accident.

Nice try; the jury didn’t buy it and found Stone Construction 94% liable and the worker 6% liable. The initial award was $1.35 million, reduced to $1.5 million on the assessment of liability of the plaintiff.

An injury that results in lengthy disability creates an excellent reason for an injured worker to seek assistance from a lawsuit funding company. Product Liability and disability litigation is a lengthy process. Pre-settlement funding will help pay the medical bills as well as regular bills and expenses that can’t be made when there is no money coming in. which would have been substantial because of the many surgeries.

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In the final analysis, lawsuit financing is a smart move because it lets the plaintiff pay all necessary bills and expenses and relieves the financial pressure to settle too early for too little compensation. Plaintiffs may follow their attorneys’ advice and wait patiently for a fair and equitable settlement or verdict. It is a risk free way to prevent plaintiffs from giving in to insurance company attempts to get them to settle low because they need cash now.

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