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Mesothelioma Lawsuit Results in Jury Award

Oscar Torres worked as a pipe fitter in the 70s, fixing pipes in a chemical plant owned by Union Carbide. He regularly handled asbestos laden insulation and gaskets, containing asbestos, and manufactured by by Garlock Sealing Technologies. Fast forward 30 plus years and Mr. Torres is struggling with the effects of a 2009 Mesothelioma diagnosis; he retained an experienced attorney and filed a lawsuit against Garlock and Union Carbide.

The parties could not settle the dispute and the case went to trial. The jury award Mr. Torres $2.7 Million and found Garlock and Union Carbide each 45% liable and held Torres’s former employer 10% responsible. Usually, cases will take years to come to trial; for some reason, trial in the case convened shortly after the lawsuit was filed, good news for the plaintiff.

As I indicated, this case came to trial quickly; most don’t. Victims who have filed a lawsuit and are waiting for trial, will often experience financial difficulties during the long wait. Usually, because of injury or disability, their ability to earn a living is impaired. Even Mr. Torres, who waited a year for trial, may have been interested to know that there is financial assistance available to people waiting for their lawsuits to settle or go to trial. These victims can secure lawsuit funding from a reputable provider of that service.

It is easy to apply for pre-settlement funding; if you have a quality case, it is easy to be approved for it, too. That’s because litigation funding companies do not look at your credit history or job status, in fact, they are not interested, at all, in how you used to pay your bills. They are only interested in the quality and value of your case, because helping you depends only on those two things. Once you are approved, you receive your lawsuit cash advance by check or wire within 24-48 hours; you can take care of your mortgage, rent or car payments, or accident related expenses like medical, therapy, or prescription charges.

This quick cash pre-settlement funding helps the plaintiff deal with his/her financial crisis, as a result of their accident, and allows him/her to concentrate on getting better and winning the lawsuit. Now that the plaintiff’s financial situation is under control, he/she can turn down inadequate offers from the insurance company and assist his/her attorney in obtaining a fair and equitable settlement. Legal finance services give a plaintiff staying power to achieve better lawsuit results. The pressure to cave in to the insurance company because of cash needs is gone.

There are no costs to apply for lawsuit financing; there are no upfront fees or monthly payments. A ‘lawsuit loan’ is a hassle free way to deal with the financial bind of being seriously injured, before your lawsuit is resolved before justice is done. And, if for some reason you lose your case, legal funding is contingent upon recover; you only have to paid the money back if you win the case. This is truly no-risk lawsuit funding.

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