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Nursing Home Abuse Case Results in $12.5M for Dementia Patient

Drinking on the job and attempting to rape a nursing home resident ended this cook’s career.

This case is absolutely shocking and the family had a hard time coping with it. It’s no wonder when you hear the details. The jury at trial didn’t like what they heard either and subsequently awarded the plaintiff $12.5 million.

It evidently all started when Jose Vazquez, the cook at the Oakdale Heights nursing home, started drinking on the job. Whatever possessed him to use his master key (provided to all employees – although why the cook would need one is a burning question) and go into Sophie Schwartz’s room and try to rape the 92-year-old woman defies rational thought. Vasquez was caught by another staff member as he was trying to penetrate her.

Needless to say, Schwartz’s guardian ad litem (a family member and their attorney) sued not only Vasquez, but the owner of the nursing home, the operator and the administrator. No stone was left unturned in this disturbing case. The defense’s argument was that the whole incident wasn’t related to the home’s hiring practices or any lack of supervision at the nursing home. The jury wasn’t in any frame of mind to agree with that particular take on events and found for the plaintiff.

While waiting for justice in this case, it might have helped the Schwartz family if they had access to funds to handle the medical bills and other costs related to this shocking abuse case. Their bills would have still kept coming and Sophie’s physical and mental care would still need to be looked after in the wake of this horrid event. Perhaps the family would have had to move her to another facility. All this would cost money, something they may not have had on hand.

It may have been in their best interests to have applied for pre-settlement funding, also referred to as litigation funding. It only takes a phone call to access this funding or in the alternative, filling out an application online. The plaintiff does not have to pay anything to apply and there are no upfront fees involved in the application process or later for that matter.

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